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Templates Online?


Anyone know where to find templates online? So many different options w/the Beyond 5/3/1, would like to find somewhere to plug in numbers. Appreciate any help.


Use a piece of paper and a calculator - much easier.


Make a spreadsheet with Google docs. Does all the math for you and it’s portable. It’s what I use for my 5/3/1 spreadsheet and it’s really convenient.


Have you tried Google? Here is the first search result:



I use blackironbeast . Easy. All the.options. screenshot it on my phone . Record in my log. Done.


There’s a great app called Wendler Log for the iPhone. Not sure if there is an Android version. But it works really well. Is regularly updated. And I believe it accomodates the many flavors of Wendler.


Another making money off of someone else.

Just delete the app, for ffs.


I’ll also vote for the paper and calculator.

I personally calculate my weights for the 6 week cycle to a Word file and use that. Sometimes I also write them to a paper which I’ll put to my training bag, just for assurance if I don’t remember the weights for the day.


I vote for this too. I used my phone in the past, but now I just sit down for 10 min every 3-4 weeks and write out what i’m doing in my note book. You will log more and you will under stand how the program works.


I jot down the template and the TM for each movement and then just lift. It really isnt that hard to work out your numbers on the fly.


Why would I delete something that is useful? If Wendler made one and it was decent I would use it. I’m not going to inconvenience myself just to make some kind of worthless passive aggressive statement no one will ever care about. The app is good and is fairly priced. Don’t like it, don’t buy it.


I care about it. You can do whatever you want, but it doesn’t show much class to brag about supporting someone who makes money off me, someone who doesn’t even have the class to ask me for permission, and then openly support this on a forum with my name on it. My work means the world to me - and I understand it is shit to others. But I’m trying to help people on this forum so I iust would like a tiny bit of respect. Good luck in your training.


Thank you JFG - I appreciate you understanding. It is not unnoticed and it is very appreciated.


No worries. People like that irk me.


Just deleted the app from my phone. Was actually shocked they can use Jim’s name for the app without his approval but am now just disappointed. For what it’s worth, the app isn’t very good, I still used spreadsheets and kept them on my phone.