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Template to Supplement C2 Rower/Skierg Training

Hey ladies and gentlemen!

I have troubles deciding which template to choose…

  • My main goal is with the Concept2 rower and skierg and I’m doing those 3-4 days per week (80% easy 30-45min steady state + 20% hard intervals like 500m repeats).
  • I also work a physical job as a landscaper and together with the erg work recovery could become an issues.
  • I want to incorporate 2 days of strength training per week to support my erg work and my job and basically be more resilient for the things life throws at you in general.
  • I’m also doing Original Strength stuff and a bit of stretching for 20-30minutes every day, so I got mobility/flexibility work covered.
  • Rowing + skierg are done at home, lifting is done at the gym, so no way of combining the erg work with lifting.
  • Lifting session shouldn’t exced 60-70min total (warm-up & jumps/throws included).

Option 1: Limited Time/Widowmaker
Seems to be fitting, especially the Kroc rows seem to be a good fit to support rowing.
I don’t have time for the extra 2 days of assistance work though…

Option 2: 2x2x2
Looks good, only for me it would be more like 2x4x0/7 - 2 days lifting, 4 days conditioning, 0 days of dedicated flexibility work, but 7 days of working flexibility a bit every day.

Option 3: Krypteia 2-days in-season
Read about it on the forum here (the version with bench and TB DL).
No squats or OHP though (besides DB/goblet squats on bench day).

Option 4: Krypteia in-season/off-season split
There are 3 events in the Concept2 calender that I want to compete in every year - SkiErg Sprints (early November), Tour de SkiErg (one event every week through February) and World Indoor Rowing Sprints (early March).
So you could say that there’s a season (October to mid-March) and an off-season (mid-March to end of September).
I thought about running regular Krypteia with 2 easy state conditioning sessions per week for March-October and switch to in-season 2-days Krypteia with 4 conditioning days for October-March.
I’m a bit concerned that with Krypteia recovery could become an issues though…