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Template or Program Help


Hi I need some help with what powerlifting specific template or program to run. I’m getting back into powerlifting after messing around with martial arts and more cardio based weight training. 5 years ago my numbers were 500/365/500 and now they’re at 425/335/460. I’d like to get past my all time pr’s asap and keep going. Eventually I’d like to compete Raw. I’m not interested in more muscle mass. I only want to get maximally stronger. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How’d you get those numbers last time?


I was lifting 4 days a week doing squats and deadlifts one day each and heavy bench once then speed bench and military press the other day. I was training in 12 week cycles starting with reps around 8-10 for upper body and 5’s for lower body. I’d add weight each week and knock off reps. I’d deload every 4th week and peak in week 12.


Why don’t you just do that again?


X2. Start with what worked first.


Ok got it thanks guys.