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Template - German Volume Training?

I tried to find a German Volume Training Template using the search engine with no success…
Can anyone help me please?

Type in Charles Poliquin German Volume Training or GVT into Google.

That will come up with a few responses.


here is one

The volume training works wonders for muscle endurance and building strength foundations. For seasoned lifters it’s a nice change likewise. For most 3-5 sets is w/ the normal range, it’s interesting to ask the body to perform for 1010. It’s a bitch of a work out at first and you’ll likely not get through all sets at first unless you chose a weight you can manage (60% of 1 rep max.) Verify this calculation on his site. I don’t know many/any whom can do 1010 of unassisted pull ups/chin ups.
After two months or so I switched from GVT to heavy weights and less volume.
July 06 - 149Ibs 8-10%BF March 07 - 181Ibs with very similar BF (under 10%)…I can see my serratus and abs clearly. It’s a good program!