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Template for Conditioning with 5/3/1

Hello fellow T-Nation visitors

I’m an intermediate Level lifter mit subaverage Squating ability.
For the next two mesocycles i woud like to focus on conditioning as long as weather allows it. A midterm goal of mine would be to able to run 5k in under 25:00 minutes. I will undoubtidly take some time unill i’ll be able to reach that goal why i would like to invest 2 Trainings days to running alone.

Since i have a Muay Thai class at Sunday this leaves me for 3-days per week tamplate to work with. My idea was something to the “Beyond” Program, but with less Assistance (Chinups and Dips and Abs). Once I’m finished with the mandatory stuff i would like to do some heavy conditioning like Kettlebell Komplexes or some of those finishers that Dan John proposed (Kettlebell/Pushupladder etc.)

Any Idea on how to improve this? I would probably leave out Joker sets and so on.

5/3/1 as is.

Assistance as described in all the books.

Conditioning: 4 days a week. That includes Muay Thai and 3 days running.

Pretty simple. Beauty of this program.

Why are you trying to complicate your life?

I always felt like templates with a lot of volume for the lower body impede meaningful progresss when it comes to running.I fear i won’t make progress with my running if I squat three times a week or do multiple sets for squats and deadlifts.

As JFG said, just try to program your week so you won’t run after squat day (maybe even deadlift day, you decide).