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Template for Building Your Own Program?

After much consideration, since I really don’t have the access to a quality gym and I have essential all I need at home (at least to me) is there an article that helps someone in my position build their own program? I saw this one and just wanted some opinions. If anyone has any articles they would like to share, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you again.

Would help if you described more specifically what equipment you have.


Pull up bar
Ez bar
About 200 pounds worth of free weights
Adjustable dumbbells
Resistance bands 10 through 50 pounds
Tricep bar

So like, 200 pounds of plates and also a bar? Do you have a bench? Do you have a rack you can use to bench and do squats?

200 pounds of plates and ez bar
No bench or squat bar.
I use floor presses in placement of bench
No rack.

I don’t have a program for you, but I am sure others will chime in with opinions. Just thought they should know what you have to work with.

I’m not sure how much you can use. But this is something many guys in here rate. Written by someone many guys in here rate.

Never used it myself.

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What are you trying to accomplish? Or what do you want to achieve by working out?

You could train one way, maybe a full body routine with circuits and short breaks for fat loss or conditioning.

Or a four day body-part split if you want to grow some muscles.

Or a “general” push/pull/squat/hinge setup if you want to be more " functional."

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To answer some questions, I’m looking to build muscle, lose fat. I have been looking at something like this

But also looking for a 3-day Full Body routine.

OK, what lifts are you comfortable with technique wise, and equipment, set up wise? Or what stuff do you already like to do?

I am perfectly comfortable with compound movements, I’m going light on shoulder presses because I’m at the end of strengthening my shoulders and rotator cuffs (had some pain, when to a PT, had x-rays and he said everything was perfectly fine and I had perfect strength in all the movements). Since I’m de-trained, (haven’t worked out for 3 years) I think you call it that, I’m starting lighter that usually, probably 70-75 my 1RM. Set up wise I’m perfectly comfortable with all my equipment.

Check out that thread. Some of it may give you some ideas.

You could do:

Leg day: suitcase deadlifts/db squats and lunges.
Push day: Floor presses + db ohp + tricep extensions.
Pull day: Pull ups, db rows or inverted rows if you have something to do them on and curls.