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Template Choice - 3x a Week

Hey everyone,

I’m finishing 2 cycles of BBB + 1 cycle of PR sets + jokers + FSL as an anchor.
I was planning on starting on Pervertor next.
However I realize I have too much conditioning outside of weight lifting to stay with 4 days a week (paddling machine 1x, xc ski 3x, 1 team circuit training…). I’m also a medical resident so time is very limited already.

If I’m going to do 3 days a week, would you guys advise just stretching Pervertor over 9 days or instead perhaps doing 1000% awesome full body? I don’t do powerlifting but I do want to up mostly my squat and bench.

Thanks for any advise!

ETA: the reason I do so much conditioning is that I race dragon boat, outrigger paddling and xc ski (mostly long distance on outrigger and ski).

1000% no question. If your trying to gain muscle and cut fat you have to alternate between heavy and light days but circuit training is good

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I’m not trying to cut fat at all, I’m already around 12-13% or so.
I race outrigger paddling, dragon boat and xc ski long distance, hence all the conditioning I do (not always super hard but lots of mileage). I do want to gain muscle as we’re trying to get me a few pounds heavier before the summer (so very slow bulking is ideal).

I am currently doing the Pervertor 3x a week, repeating each lift every 9 days. It’s been going great, and I would highly recommend it. (Can’t speak for the 1000% Awesome).

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Like how much weight because alot of times that can be accomplished with a gram of protein per lb of body weight and clean eating but you also have to go heavy some to build mass they just go hand in hand.

Any 4 day template can be run as a 3 day template. Forever book for details.

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About 5lbs.
Goal is indeed to lift some heavy weights so that the added weight isn’t just fat or water. I started supplementing with some protein shakes a year ago and it made a difference too.

I thought 1000 awesome sounded promising with the 5x5 @ 80-85% plus de 5’s PRO which I enjoy. Same for Pervertor but definitely not 4x a week! If running Pervertor I also would be running simple FSL for DL and press.

@ strongmangoals I do have the book and have read it many times, I was wondering if others had better suggestions. Thanks!

Better suggestions then Jim’s?


Come on, this is not what I mean at all.

If I had more time I would absolutely do Pervertor or SVR II 4 days a week.
I’ve been doing great so far except circumstances change now that we have snow.

I was wondering if others on here perhaps had some experience with doing lots of conditioning work and suggestions based also on personal experience to add to the information in the book. Seems I’m not allowed to do that, sorry.

I also prefer 3X a week because I play soccer 2x, and do a fairly challenging yoga class. A fourth heavy barbell workout is not sustainable for me, and I feel much better with 3X a week.

However, I will usually add a 4th resistance workout of a weight vest circuit, or a 100-rep challenge-style assistance routine. These only take ~15-20 minutes, and don’t wear me out like a 4th 531 day for that week.

Since it sounds like we’re somewhat similar in what we look for, I schedule the Pervertor routine as (the exact 531 day will change after each round due to the 9 day week)

Monday: 531 squat at 11 am
Tuesday: Soccer at noon / sometimes a 100-rep challenge in the evening
Wednesday: 531: Bench at 11 am
Thursday: Soccer at noon /yoga class at 6
Friday: off
Saturday: 531 DL at 11 am
Sunday: 5 mile jog (easy), weight vest ciruit
Monday: 531 Press
Tuesday: same as before

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That’s not the point.

5/3/1 is the most adaptable and easy program I’ve ever ran.

You have your 5/3/1, assistance, accessory and conditioning.

YOU decide which one you want to concentrate on. Understanding the principles lets you do that. By your first post, you understand the leader/anchor, so you are golden.

By looking at your goals, 5/3/1 5 Pro’s, SSL, assistance (low volume). Conditioning is dependent on where you are. Then anchor, 5/3/1 pr’s, FSL or nothing, assistance (high volume). Conditioning depends on where you are.

2 or 3 times a week depends on your time and present situation. YOU tailor for what you want.

Follow the principles.

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I had really good results running 5s Pro with SSL 5x5 for squat and press and 5s pro with FSL 3-5x5 for DL and Bench while doing a good bit of conditioning. Of course to keep bar speed high your TMs need to be on point for the SSL work. I ran 1000% awesome and it’s highly recommended if you do a bunch of conditioning. It’s got a good bit of heavy ish lifting, so it’s perfect to go really light on the assistance and push the conditioning.

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Thanks for your reply.
I guess it’s the fact it is so adaptable that I can’t decide what to choose.
Not that it is a real problem, worse case I’ll adapt as I go along.

I’ll just throw in Building the monolith…

But do what you find is fun. Pick one, commit to it.
It’s just one or two cycles.

Even if it works, try another, compare, take away what works for each lift.

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Just looked up BTM… Holy wow!
Definitely looks really interesting, but definitely not something I can run right now! I’m too tired, have too much hard cardio and no way I can eat that much for now. Bookmarked though.

add some press after your bench, so always Squat/Bench/DL every week

add some shoulder press/dips/tricep after bench