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Templaar's First Test-E Cycle

Hi Folks!

I have completed 6 weeks of my Test-E Cycle currently in 7th week:
Following are the observations:

  1. I have developed v good muscles and the shape of my body is looking awesome. i have never achieved such thing in my life. I am having feeling that soon i will achieve my dream body.
  2. My endurance has increased in gym and i lift heavy and heavier now. but i dont feel the enargy boost guys talk when on gear.
  3. In 6th week i got little itchy nipples so i increased my AI from 0.25 EOD to 0.5 MWF and got rid of the itch.
  4. I did blood test and my TT is 5789 ng/DL that means my gear is of excellent quality. E2 is 68.3 pg/ml i think this will get corrected with my revised AI dose.
  5. Sex drive is good. but not to the roof may be due to E2, which i think will be sorted with AI dose adjustment. i am already feeling libido increased since a week when i started revised AI.

My cycle is as follows:

Age: 36
height: 5’7
before cycle: weight : 69 KG Body fat 17%
In cycle 6 weeks: weight : 74 KG Body fat 15%

Testoviron Enanthenate - 250 every 3.5 days
HCG - 250 twice a week
Adex - 0.5 mg MWF. (Armotraz by Cipla)
(Using all the stuff of Pharmacy Grade.)

Please help me by answering following 3 questions please:
From week 7 I’m planning to add small doses of Clen in my cycle as follows:
20/40/0/40/40/0/40 its 2 weeks on n one week off. This is to get rid of fat around my mid section.

  1. Please suggest if this is fine dose?
  2. I am taking clen with 2 week on n 1 week off. do i need ketotifen?
  3. last week of Clen will come in week 13 which will not have test-e since my test e is 12 week cycle, should i extend it to 13 weeks so that last week of clen will be aligned?
  4. is clan n good option or should i go for Anavar?

I am looking for ripped lean body. no bulking.
Thanks in advance.