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Temperature Still Low After Iodine Protocol and T3

My basic thyroid labs would come back normal (didnt’ test for FT3) but my temperature would never be over 96.8 upon awakening and never get above 97.7 during the day. Did the iodine protocol and it did not work. I then acquired T3 from someone who had it prescribed to them but wouldn’t take it so they gave it to me. Started at 12.5 went up to 25 every morning and still no rise in temperature. Did that over a two week period. Now I’m up to 25 in the morning and another 25 in the evening and still no rise in body temp.

Anyone have any idea what could be going on?

I am sure you have done so but have you validated the thermometer you are using is ok?

Need to know that someone else can bat 98.6F

Damm, post the numbers or get new ones.

If your fT3 levels have become elevated and temps are low, rT3 may be blocking fT3. Maybe there are labs in your other threads. With a new thread, that data is disconnected.

Yes thermometer is accurate. My kids were just sick and running a fever and my thermometer matched reading at Drs office.

Ok looks like I need more specific labs. Totally forgot about rT3 binding.

Until I get labs done would high rT3 the be the most logical or common cause or can there be a myriad of other possibilities. Just curious being I’m not real concerned since I felt fine before and after T3 supplementation and i can still get fairly lean. It just takes a whole lot of cardio and very low calories. More effort than I think it would take others.

Labs are as follows;

TSH 2.83 range .34-5.6
T4 6.80 4.50-12.50
T3 93 70-180

Other times when I had lab work over the years the labs were almost identical with the exception of when I finished iodine protocol and my TSH was double the normal range. Thanks for the help.