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Temperature effecting metabolism

I recently started a summer job where i work in a cooler loading beer. Its about 45-50 degrees in there and i usually work for at least 4 hours. I started working last monday and since then have dropped down to 230 with a noticable decrease in bodyfat. During this time all my lifts have gone up and yesterday I full squatted 405 for the first time in a year(thank you ART). I remember from exercise phys that low temperatures require the body to work harder to keep it warm and thus burns more calories. Is this is what is happening to me? My diet has been clean but not exactly hypocaloric. Or could it be that since i reintroduced squats into my workout, i have jacked up my metabolism. Or a combination of both. what do yall think? Im not complaing about it because yesterday i saw my abs.

Could it be the extra physical labor? Just a thought.

I definitely think that it’s a combo. But the standing in a cooler is helping out for sure. Some years ago, I had a photo shoot that was way up above these waterfalls (Multnomah Falls) - it was 80 degrees out, but were we were, it was barely 60. I was VERY lean too, so it was COLD. I ate a whole (BIG) foccacia loaf in 20-minutes - and ate non stop through the shoot. BUT I got leaner after the shoot. Wierd. But I understand what’s happening to you.

Yes: mammals, including humans, speed
their metabolism at lower temperatures
so as to be able to maintain a constant
body temperature (as well as employing
mechanisms to modify rate of heat loss,
i.e. changing blood flow to extremities,
and decreasing rate of perspiration.)

How substantial it can be in man, I don’t
know. It probably varies a lot from person
to person, since some do fine in the cold
in only shirt sleeves, implying that the
metabolism must increase greatly, whereas
others become cold in even only mildly
chilly weather.

I would think the cold air has something to do with it. I know i find it a lot easier to stay and/or remain lean in the winter for that exact reason. Many years ago some bodybuilders used to take brief swims in very cold water as a way to get ripped.

Cold exposure also has a thermogenic effect that emphasizes fat utilization as an energy substrate. I know of a few studies that demonstrated this effect. Cold exposure is also a way to induce ketosis. A couple of my old profs did an experiment (looking at ketosis) way back in the day where the were exposed to freezing temperatures and were wearing nothing but socks. Sounds like fun to me :slight_smile: One of the things they noticed was an increase in fat metabolism.

Well if it’s the cold weather then I think I’d be A lot leaner in the winter. I work outside in Minnesota. It gets real damn cold here. I think this week is the first week this year we’ve had consistent 70 degree temps in the day time. But we still had frost advisorys last week at night. Gotta be the extra effort of lifting the beer

I grew up on a ranch and livestock always required more feed/calories in cold weather. In extremely cold weather, we would have to boost rations even more. I believe it’s somewhat related to what you my be aclimated to - it’s more of a stressor on your body if not used to it. That’s why Stumpy may not notice a difference - he’s used to working outside in MN where it’s always colder than a ###!!.

I’d always heard that people who sleep under electric blankets tend to carry more body fat than those who didn’t, for the very reason that thisr bosy didn’t have to do the work of warming the bed.

I’ve worked in a cooler for a couple of years and lost bodyfat. I’ve always attributed it to the extra calories burned during working. I only work in the summers full time. The cooler is 30-40 degrees and outside it is in the 90’s. So it is a big difference. I’m about to start working again so I am going to see if it makes a difference. Also Heb, Could the reason that livestock need more feed in the winter be less just less grass to eat. I also don’t know if the cows you worked with ate grass or just feed.

It is a combination of the physical laboe and the cold. As an infantry soldier in Alaska, I would routniely lose 10 to 16 lbs every winter field exercise, despite eating everything in sight - four rations a day plus trail mix, candy (about 6,000 Kcals). I would always pig out the week before going to try and spare muscle.

i really dont lift that much beer. its not a hard job at all. i waste more time than i do actual work. im not tired at all when i leave. i actually go tumble two nights per week when i get off so i cant be that tired.

Isnt it cool though when Bill Roberts replys to a post. Kinda makes the post seem like it was worthy are something. i dont know. its late. im going to bed.