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Temp. stall in my eating?


Hello all, this started yesterday,i never have a problem consuming food all day long.For some reason starting yesterday i just dont have it in me to eating constantly like i usually do(but i am still force feeding).This could be trouble b/c i am skinny and trying to bulk.Has anyone else had this happen to them?


Sometimes. A few tips:

Change up the menu a little. Try some new recipes. . .something that still fits your nutritional needs but gives your taste buds a change of pace.

Distract yourself while you're eating. Staring into the face of that bowl of oatmeal or cottage cheese can be daunting. You'll shovel it into your mouth a lot quicker if you're reading the paper at the same time and not thinking about what you're eating.

Go for easier-to-consume foods. . .it won't kill you to add a little fat if you're bulking anyway, so on a day when you don't feel up to eating so much, getting calories from raisins, OJ, or milk (which are higher GI/II than nutritional bodybuilder foods) will be easier than slogging through oatmeal or cottage cheese.

Bon appetit!


Just curious. . .how many kcal and grams of protein per day are you going for? I was wondering because we are similar in height /weight (I have a little more bodyfat) and I'm working on a bulking diet as well.

Right now, I'm around 3000 kcal (always shooting for slightly over, never under), 300g protein, 225g carbs, 100g fat.


hey thanks for the tips,actually i have been thinking about my problem and i am chalking this one up to STRESS!

anyway i have been upping my cals recently and im around the same as you so far 3000 cals,275-300g pro.Also i see you are from jersey as well,what part?i am outside of philly....


Sweet! That's some reassurance that I'm on the right track dietwise. I'm in Morris County, about a half-hour outside of NYC.