Temp. Replacements for DL & Squat?

So I recently got surgery on my elbow (I’m a pitcher), and I can’t use it for about 2-3 weeks.

I don’t want to lose any strength in my deadlift and squat, so I’m looking for drills that I can do that don’t involve using an arm.

The only 2 I can think of are the leg press, to replace the squat, and back extensions for the deadlift.

If anyone has any ideas at all I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve made excellent progress so far on these 2 lifts, and really don’t want to have to start from square 1 when I come back.

Good mornings possibly, though you need an arm to hold the bar.

Single Leg Squats?

Sprints, any bw single leg squat/lunge or step-up movement for higher reps or fill a backpack with some weight or a sandbag and wear that. If only 2-3 weeks you shouldn’t really lose much if any strength as long as you keep your calories up and don’t just neglect all training.

Glute-ham raise

Reverse hypers

Single-leg squat, unweighted, ATG (I can’t do one of these!)

Belt squats. You use a weight-belt (needs to be strong) and add weight (actually ironmind.com has a special belt for this, but I guess you can use the one you use for weighted dips).

Since the weights will hang down, you need to stand on two substantial chairs (so that the weights wont touch the floor) one leg on each chair. Dont know if there is a youtube of this exercise. In any case you will be able to do squats.

Otherwise, if your gym has a squat machine, that should do help, or one of those harnesses to hold the bar for front squats.

Safety squat bar box squats the bar really tries to fold you over up high. that and starting from a dead stop on the box will aid your DL. One arm DLs as well with the good arm, GM’s if you can and well the other suggestions above


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Belt squats.[/quote]

This should be the end of the thread.

Thanks for all the info. I can’t imagine that I’ll lose all that much strength as long as I’m able to do these for the time being.

This site kicks ass.