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Telling Your Friend He Is An Idiot?


So one of my really good buds who as actually been lifting way longer than I have, has proven to me after our last conversation about lifting that he is a complete retard. We go to separate gyms and for some reason just don't seem to talk iron much. So last night we are sitting at the bar having a few and he starts going on about how great arginine is and how it makes his dick hard and makes his arms "pump really bad".

So I say something to the effect that the placebo effect is really amazing. Trying to back himself up he says something to the effect of: "Well, yeah but if you use it with creatine, which has like 4 amino acids, it REALLY WORKS GOOD!!!!". At this point I smashed my Leinie's Lite over my own head. Now he starts listing off the amino acids supposedly in creatine which are: glutamine and 3 other things that are not oven close to the names of any amino acid I know of.

Not wanting to sound like an arrogant know-it-all prick I just say: "Well, you could just consume complete proteins and get them all." He looks at me like I'm on crack and just says: "Yeah." After that we started to discuss workout programs which was about on par with his nutritional know-how (but he does squat, I'm curious to see his form though...)

He tells me how he was curling 45lb dbs and how proud he was of it. At this point I think I just stopped listening to him and concentrated on the bartenders breasts and how her baby-doll shirt would ride up just enough when she reached up for a bottle of booze on the shelf and you could catch a glimpse of her amazing tummy with belly ring that was begging me to pull out with my tongue, but that could have been the beer talking.

So anyway, what do I tell this guy? The scary thing is that he's joining my gym so we can lift together(oh joy), and I'm afraid he is going to kill himself trying to impress me. Should I just smack him upside the head with a 45 or what?


Evera-ting gonna be just fine>


Hmm, just do your thing and let him ask you stuff?

I mean, over time the differences should show up and if you can back up why you are doing things... maybe he'll pay attention?


This is a "really good bud"? Sounds like you'd rather not be near him.


Is he bigger or stronger than you?
If he is, then some of his practical knowledge may be of use to you.
If he's not, then show by your own results that your practical knowledge may be more accurate.

After doing a quick google, I've found sites saying that creatine is/has/is made from/is a precursor to/will turn you into the amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine.
So it's not really that unreasonable from what's available on the internet to have his ideas.

There's no need to tell him he's an idiot, especially if he's your mate and you think that'll upset him.

Lead by example - do your own thing, and if it's any good he might catch on.


Yup. Just let it be. What`s the saying... ? "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."


I don't know. See that's the thing. I've known this guy since the 6th grade(I'm 22 now). We don't hang much anymore mostly because his fiance has his nuts in a jar on her nightstand. I'd like to hang out more, but his wifey is always around and he acts like such a skirt it's ridiculous, and then when she's not around he is Mr. Wanna-be-alpha-male, which is really annoying. I just feel I should be loyal to him(even though I doubt he fells the same). I've known him forever, he's a member of the tribe, I still hang out with the same group of guys I've known since grade school. Maybe it's not just his iron-ideals that are frustrating me, it may be a little deeper than that.

Bah...I'm whining about this. Sorry all.


Why dont you send him our way...

At least print out the NO2 scam article and give it to him.


He doesn't sound like he's really that off base (except for his discussing his 'curling prowess'). His way of expressing things is just shitty. And arginine can make your dick hard and give increase your pump during and after working out. It just doesn't help add any appreciable mass or strength.


Punch him in the neck.


As he lies prone (or supine, depending on his momentum/your punching power), stand over him and scream, "Why won't you stop sucking?"


I had a simmilar problem and tried encouraging him to go to this site.

I sent links to some great articles, and after a couple of weeks I asked if he went to the site (since he loves a couple of other sites that have him confused and in the dark about many topics).

He still won't do much leg work, minimal back work, and the only compound excersise he does is bench.

He also keeps telling me about the new supplement he's trying (which I never heard of) and he goes over 6 hours without eating because he doesn't bring food to work, works out after work and the directions of the new supplements say "best taken on an empty stomach", then complains about how hungry he is.

I found it easiest to avoid him at the gym, and avoid talking about training and nutrition since he too has that "Alpha Male" wannabe thing going on where he interupts everyone's sentances and doesn't listen to advice.

I figgured that, since he won't listen, the best thing I could have done was to lead him to this site and let him gradually find things out for himself.


WhatEVER happens, you HAVE to share the stories!


Well, as a person who still hangs out with his elementary shcool freinds, sometimes you need to pull one aside and give it to him straight. If he's whipped, tell him so and help him overcome it. I have a friend who is very self conscious and not daring at all. It took a bit of ribbing and pushing to get him out of his shell. He still lets women walk on him, but he knows how to enjoy himself now. Before he was just a miserable person. Smart guy, just waddled in his misery.


I did this once...it really ruined the relationship