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Telling Obama 'You Lie!'


Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, got to say to Obama's face what most of us here want to say. Go get 'em, Joe!


Joe Wilson -- balls and passion about honesty...

Maybe a rising star in the Republican party??? 2012 ???


He was out of line and should be admonished for his rude remark.


Way out of line.



Because this bad, bad man was not courteous (sic!)enough while speaking the truth?

What are you, imperial France?


Excuse me, I am always forgetting that those with an elected monarch do not know how parliaments work.

A quick reminder:


All the others who just stood by wishing they had had the balls to speak up should be admonished for lack of principles.


Seriously. I just don't understand some people, or sheeple. Obama is a Liar on alot of issues. The singly most corrupt racist and Marxist puppet put into place yet.


Wouldn't have been the first time if they didn't pre-screen people at his town hall.


Umm it wasn't in a town hall.


I kinda like the "death" look Obama gives after the "lie" shout was given. I admire him for speaking up, not everyone is obligated to slobber on his nuts.


Whats wrong with telling Obama he lied? I wish we had more people like that.


There's a time and a place for disagreeing on political issues, and Joe Wilson was out of line. Agree with him or not, his behavior hurt him and his cause, which is why he is now apologizing for it.


Actually, I think it's a good start. The republicans need to do more to speak out against losing our country. Jefferson would have been proud of this act. Congress is like a bunch of drones stuck in a MATRIX movie. We must always question our leaders...always, and when it stops, we have ripped the final strand that holds our founding values.

Like it or not, the time for being "courteous" or "politically correct" need to be put in the past. These values and now demonstrated by congress with all the ball slobbering and worshipping we see in there today.

While it was not the best time or place, I don't think this will hurt him. I think this will elevate him actually as a fighter from the right.


umm... He's a politician. He probably should be "politically correct"... or he would incorrect in his political position. Which he is.

I have mixed feeling over the whole health care debate, but there are better ways of approaching things in such a childish format.


Joe Wilson will be just fine.


Apparently, Joe Wilson disagrees with you because otherwise he wouldn't have apologized.


Joe knows when you are a tax cheat all you have to do is aplologize and all is well with Liberals.

Y'all can't take your own tactics.



Normally I would agree, but with the circumstances mounting as they have there isn't a better forum:

1) The media will not cover people who oppose him very much so he will not be heard that way.

2) If he catches him without a prescripted speach he may really have to answer something without a teleprompter.

I think they really need to start giving it to the administration.

shouting is better than fighting(I suppose)and if the first doesn't occur the later will.


He shouldn't apologize it makes him look weak/stupid. If you are going to make a claim like that you better be willing to stick to it. Now he just looks like a nut-less attention whore.