Telling Grandma How to Squat

My Mother in Law has been going to a chiropractor for her back. She has done well with him. However, her knees hurt and he told her to do swiss ball squats against a wal with her feet a foot out. I am trying to get her to understand more of a powerlifting technique. What cues (ex. 1-5) can I tell her so she is hip dominant and does not try to shear her knee caps off?

  • look straight ahead
  • keep your grandma boobs high and proud (or try anyway)
  • sit back like you are getting ready to sit on the toilet (and leaf through a Family Circle or Reader’s Digest)
  • don’t let your heels come off the floor
  • knees over your feet
  • have her do it to a chair, or something of comfortable height, and work down from there. Don’t expect full squat depth at the start.