Tell me...

…why again am I still in cold CT, with beaches that compare to a poorly maintained lake?

leave ct? you can never leave ct. it is a financial prison that you cannot leave. the price of houses rise with the tax % to cover the increasing welfare hemoraging into the cities. there is no money for the schools to educate so the children there now will also be on welfare. you have a job, so you have to pay for this. this way you never can put money in the bank so you can never afford to move to a better place.

Forgive my west coast ignorance, but I assumed CT was doing quite well with all of the NYC commuters spilling their Madison Avenue dollars into the economy and taxes. Hey if it’s good enough for Martha Stewart, it must not be too bad.


You nailed right in the head.

Any good gyms you could tell me about? Or places to go, things to do in CT?

I am from Southern California, and will be out in Mashantucket, CT (Foxwoods Resort Casino) early to mid November.

I just spent the last 10 minutes staring at this picture.

White warm sand, the sound of the ocean, seagulls, a warm breeze with the scent of the ocean, palm trees…no one around…a beer in one hand…and best of all, knowing you live right there and you dont have to leave in 2 weeks. That’s as good as it could ever get.


Umm diesel, you are supposed to be a working man now paid on commission in some fashion.

Ie more clients, more cash, and thus you control your own destiny to move to sunny beaches with palm trees.

Isnt that the case?

You dont pay income tax when you earn too little, so I’m lost at what the problem is here…

It’s funny how peoples tastes in living environments vary. My roommates parents run the Little Switzerland gift shops for Tiffany’s. This job has had them running stores in Key West, St. Thomas, and now they live in Boca Raton. So my roommate had to go to St. Thomas for Christmas and he hated it. His parents lived right on the beach, but he said he would rather be in the mountains.

Clients arent made over night.

It takes time to build and grow your clientele and reputation.

Well, I have that view everyday. But when gas is 2.30 a gallon, milk is 5 gallon, and everything else is 30 to 50% more than the mainland, I’ll take the Oregon or Texas than paradise.