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Hey, im 20 and have been workin out for about 2 and a half years now im 6 foot and 190lbs. i have been taking creatine monohydrate for about a year on an off and i recently ordered NO-xplode. i do have some spare body fat i just dont really know what to expect.


This was literally the worst thought out post I've ever read.

I think you've got alot to learn if you're 19 at 6 foot after 2.5 years.
Like, alot about diet.


You're basically gonna get the following replies:

What are your stats?
What are your goals?
Throw the NO-X away.


NOX is shit. Search it on this site and read the articles. Eat More Food


Maybe he started out at like 120. If not then, yeah he needs to get real.


Haha, is 6' at 120 even humanly possible?


Taking Shugs latest blog to heart heh?

Yes. A guy I work with is 6'1" and only 125 lbs.


Yeah, when you forget about them and then rediscover them, they tend to "stick".