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Training a few years now. I’m 222lb at 5 '11 completely natural. Due to my living circumstances it’s difficult for me to take clearer pictures. But please tell me what think brutal honesty. Really need some feedback




We need full body pictures with no editing. No overhead lighting would help us determine your weakness and strengths too. Retake some pictures.


You have no mirrors in your home?



you have access to a cell phone that has a camera, from which you can clearly upload photographs to this website, as you have done here.

You have the ability to apply filters to pictures, which is actually exactly what you should NOT be doing for photos to assess progress.

You have access to at least 2 mirrors.

Things that you could have provided that you did not, based on this:

-multiple angles and multiple poses, rather than one left biceps pose in a t shirt, and another, more blurry left biceps pose in a t shirt.

-a shirtless pose showing your actual physique, not just your favorite arm at a weird angle.

-an actual leg picture in the mirror. Not whatever weird shit you posted here. What is that even supposed to show us?

There’s nothing to rate here, dude. sorry.