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Just looking for peoples opinion on my training plan, looking to lose body fat but try and keep as much muscle mass as possible.

all exercies 3 or 4 sets ramping up to 5 reps

vertical push - clean and press
horizontal push - weighted dips
vertical pull - pull downs
horizontal pull - kroc rows
legs - zercher sqauts
extra - farmers walk
20 mins steady cadio

Outside interval sprints and interval rows in the gym

vertical push - Push press
horizontal push - bench press
vertical pull - pull ups
horizontal pull - t bar rows
legs - 20 rep breath squat
extra - kettlebell swings
20 mins steady cardio

Outside interval sprints and jump rope

vertical push - seated db press
horizontal push - inlcine db press
vertical pull - deadlifts
horizontal pull - barbell rows
legs - lunges
extra - medicine ball burpess
20 mins steady cardio

plyometrics and 20 min cycle



Good luck with that.


Looks like a program I'd make when I had no idea what I was doing.
Enjoy being burnt out after 2-3 weeks.



I mean, really, if you have to ask what a split looks like then....


Didn't know dips were a horizontal push.


I see what you're trying to do Northface, you're trying to write a programme that trains everything, max strength, power, high intensity cardio, steady state, plyometrics etc. which is fine on paper, but another thing in reality.

Come on man, 20 rep breathing squats followed by kettlebell swings and then 20 mins cardio and intervals the day before and after? Are you serious?

And plyometrics on saturday? I doubt you'll want to get out of bed at all let alone jump over stuff!

I give this routine less than ten days.

My opinion FWIW. One lower body exercise (squat, deadlift, snatch, C&J, front squat the big calorie burners) and one upper body (military press, bench press, chins, BOR etc) each day, intervals, hill sprints, tyre drags etc afterwards. Add in rest days as and when you need them and reduce your calories. It's much easier to diet the bodyfat off than work it off. Good luck.


^^^Word. I'd suggest scaling back the variety in your workouts and increase the intensity on a few major lifts. Work your fitness work and diet around your fat loss/muscle gain goals.

Unless you're taking some wicked supps. Then everything the natural guys do is out the window