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Tell Me What You Think About My Hang Cleans

My form must be so beautiful that you are all weeping and that is why you can’t type anything. Well… thank you! :slight_smile:

Take it easy brother… I cant speak for anyone else . But I wont comment on a movement that I am not proficient in or coach myself. Did you look at posting in the Olympic lifting sub forum on here?

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I am taking it easy. If you don’t think that was funny, well… then… you are un-funny! :slight_smile: There was no malice or sardonism in that post. I was just trying to do a friendly bump to see if I could gather a little bit of attention. Thank you for the reply. I will check over on the olympic lifting sub forum.

Didn’t mean anything by it… As the late these forums have given me a bad case of PMS. Even though I do not coach Olympic style movements. Your racking of the bar looks pretty good.

Looks good to me man.

Mostly okay. Two things I’d fix are your exploding position and your catch on the eccentric.

You’re staying pretty upright and keeping your shoulders behind the bar, which is sacrificing power. Dan John’s bow and arrow concept is a simple way to correct that:

When you lower the bar, you’re basically staying stiff-legged and trying hinge which is throwing the stress onto your lower back. On the second rep (around the 17/18 second mark), you can even see your knees buckle backwards! Think like catching a water balloon and quarter-squat down with just a little forward hinge when the bar hits.

More like what’s shown here:

I see what you are saying. I need to keep my knees bent forward when lowering the weight! jaja

To your first point, I see the difference. They are really doing a romanian deadlift, at least as far as positioning goes in the setup. That is amazing. I’ll be doing this again tonight, so I will post another video tonight or tomorrow.


So, I tried to take your suggestions into consideration. Here are my attempts:

First rep of my session:

Here is the final rep of my session:

Let me know what ya’ll think and what my next steps are for improvement. I am not moving up in weight yet. I might move from a 35 to 45 lb weights next time. Thanks!

I’d suggest keeping the weight down and working on speed and form. You shouldn’t have to rush forward and jump under the bar to catch it at these weights and for what is essentially an accessory movement. It should be just about floating at the point which you are catching it.

It felt like it was floating up. Believe it or not, my hands were barely touching the bar at all while the bar was moving up.

Where do you see me rushing forward and jumping under the bar? Do you mean dropping under the bar? That is part of the lift, isn’t it?

Edit: I see, you are referring to the first video. Can you take a look at the second video. The videos were supposed to show the difference between all of the one rep sets as practice. How I started while trying to implement these new movements and how I finished after attempting 19 more times.

Nah. I was looking at both. Its not like a huge glaring error, just something to consider before adding weight.

Hm… I don’t see what you are referring to in the second video! :confused:

The lift itself looked better, but that long pause is a bad habit. You shouldn’t be pausing in the “RDL” position for 3, 4, 5 seconds like you are. It drains explosive strength bigtime. Lower the bar and hinge/sit back into position, and as soon as you feel maximal tension, explode up.

Looks like you’re still stiff-legging the catch, which you won’t be able to get away with if you go heavy.

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I would like to add to what Chris said. You want to keep the bar as close to your body as you can during the pull. Make sure you are really pulling it into your hips (closer to your center of gravity) before you explode upwards. When you explode up into triple extension, try to pull the bar up along your torso. The closer it is to your body, the easier and more stable the weight will be.