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Tell Me This Isn't a Photoshop!


came across this on another forum. holy hell! anyone got a name?




Imagine getting between those legs...MMM..I think I came!






You came in an MMM?


was more of a OINK! but the "mm" was to TASTE the pic..


Holy Hell, is it Tom Platz' daughter?

My amateur opinion: It's real
There's just no obvious signs of photoshop.


just doesn't seem right that her legs are so built.. compared to her upper body.

someone's gotta know this chick's name!


Maybe that's Charles Poliquin's infamous speed skater trainee.


She could definitely be some kind of lower-body only athlete, like a skater or cyclist or something. Arms don't look big, but she's not flexing them, and they are at a different angle. Visible bicep veins, so I would think they aren't too small.

On the other hand, given a pic of a chick with smaller, but defined legs, I could PS it into that shot in about 30 minutes.


ROFL, after years of speculation he finally releases photo evidence


I love a girl with thick legs my goooddddnnessss!


I'm just upset that none of these sexy girls live anywhere near me.




Someone definetly needs to find out who she is and her training regimen.


You screwed a pig and then tasted an MM ?


oh so you also noticed that ONE Pixel that didn't look like it belonged?


Look at how thick her core is. Those legs def match the rest of the body.


WTF? Super Holymac where are you?