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Tell me something I don't already know

A freind of mine is running ethan/prop/eq for the first half of his cycle 5-6 weeks or so. Then for the other half he’s going to drop the eq and add winny. It’ll look something like this:
Week 1 FL.-1500 mgs test (300 enthan+50mgs prop. a shot)
500 mgs eq

Weeks 2-5/6-750 mgs test
500 eq
Weeks 6-12-750 mgs prop
400 mgs winny

Here’s what he wants to know. Can he inject every 4 days. I told him NO. Then I told him ask anybody and they’ll tell you the same. I explained the whole half-life issue blah, blah,blah. BUT, he asked me to post it on this board and he’d post the same ? on another board. BTW he understands that winny needs to be done eod AT LEAST. So at this point he’s considering dropping it all together. Also, please note this isn’t his first cycle so comments on him being an newbie and trash talking are irrelevant. I’m just trying to help him out. With that in mind I’d appreciate a nice solid explanation why this is NOT even remotely worth trying.

props halflife is ~4.5 days so every 4 day inj will lead to big fluctuations in test levels which isn’t good.

winny ideally should be ED!!!

Tell him to suck it up!!

tell him if he refuses to do ed injections to get some oral winstrol and drop the prop. just increase the enethate dosage.

i kinda like the way that sounds…drop the prop!

Archaic, I’m assuming you’re talking about the end of the cycle right?

I don’t understand what the big deal is with ED injections. Before having done it i thought it was something to dread but its nothing if you use an insulin pin. Its like having accupuncture!?

Also how is he doing the enanthate and prop FL? 1500mg test is not divisable by 350mg test. He must mean 1400mg FL.

And what’s the point of doing prop if he’s not injecting ED. That sort of defeats the purpose, might as well do something less painful.

The prop is done eod with alongside the enthan, then I don’t imagine there would be too much fluctuation. Right?

Yeah, eod should be fine… I’m confused if this winny is depot or tablet form?

If he doesn’t want to inj winny depot ED then he should get tabs.

It’s depot. Since he’s got it he could just drink it. Anyone know how much less effective this would be vs selling it and getting tabs.

first off prop does not have a half life of 4.5 days. i dont care what any chart or graph shows. it doesnt. the prop should be at least eod. second, the winstrol if taken orally will need to be double the dose of depot taken IM.(i.e. 50mgs taken IM should be 100mgs taken orally). third, i would suggest he shorten it to 10 weeks max. other then that it looks ok. i am assuming he has an anti-e and pct protocol in place.

Thanks drago. Here’s a ? for myself. I’m doing 200 mg cyp and 50 mg prop MWF plus 50 mg winny ed. Is it that big a deal if I don’t hit another shot of prop on the weekend?

Yeah I’m with drago, I did a search on the forum and found many people including Bill Roberts stating that props half life is shorter than 4.5 days

I typed in (propionate ester half life)

wideguy. no it isnt a big deal. the cyp is carrying the load.