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Tell Me if My Logic is Right

What do you think am I way off base here?

If you run a simple test cycle, like the one that is outlined in the newbie sticky, and run a crossfit style workout through the entirety of the cycle wouldn’t you have most likely these results

  1. More strength- your normal ten pull-ups would now be maybe 15ish. Your normal 160 thruster would now be 185.

  2. More endurance- your normal tiring at 700 meters during an 800 would now have you finishing your 800 with less time recovering before you begin the next phase of the lift. i.e. run an 800 then deadlift 225- 21 times or whatever it is

  3. Better body comp- Wouldn’t adding 10ish lbs of muscle to your frame allow for your body while working and resting to burn more calories, more fat therefore leaning you out.

I understand that these are pretty much the basics of what a cycle like that would do for you. But its nice to talk things out and have others chime in.

Now I know that crossfit has alot of folks that do not like it but just to help answer some of the questions in my head… What do you think. I mean wouldn’t being able to use more weight in a workout and to move it faster be nothing but beneficial? Or would the extra weight gained make me slower in bw lifts like pull-ups and dips and running.

Thanks in advance for all comments.

Yes on 1 & 3… and sort of but not exactly on 2, ime.

Without a doubt it’ll give you more strength & improved body composition.

Test won’t directly give you better endurance, so the tiring at 700M becoming tiring at 800M isn’t going to happen. Test will give you much faster recovery time between exercises, so you should be able to start the deadlifts with more energy and sooner than would otherwise be the case.

You’ll be able to do far more DL reps as well, but AFAIK that is a matter of increased strength and presumably test’s positive effect on the body’s creatine production. Not sure what BR’s thoughts are on this hint hint.

Do you think another option (drug) would be the right path to take? While gaining some weight wouldn’t bother me, its really not the number one goal. I would like to be stronger therefore able to do the workouts faster. However I know that adding muscle would make one stronger…

Thanks again.

And If I only got one response due to my lack of information I’m sorry,
I have no idea what my body fat would be But i would assume in between 15 and 20

I dont really get what you’re asking?

Steroids will increase the rate of gains, whatever that may be. If whatever plan youre using is working, it will work on steroids.

I suppose your right. My question is pretty hard to dig out of there.

So I’ll be real specific. While very much wanting to get stronger, I really want to lean out slightly. My thinking is if I’m stronger then I will be able to move more weight faster thus helping me lose this last bit of flub. Assuming that I dont eat ding dongs and Ho-hos all day I should with the added muscle cut down.

Also I have read alot about the differences between a 8 week and 12 week cycle. What do you think?

Yes, as long as you already understand how to diet and get lean, you could use testosterone to aid you in your fat loss/muscle retention. A cutting diet with AAS is very similar to one without, I personally, use a low carb diet, but while on AAS I also keep fats lower too. Works well for me.

I found test (400-600mg/w) and masteron (200-300mg/w) was great for endurance. I play rugby so I have tested out a few things with that goal in mind.

EQ is supposed to be great for endurance (it has a side effect of increasing EPO) but I put on a lot of weight on it due to the increased hunger so I would really only use it in bulking cycles…if you have more self control than I do then it might work better for you. I found 300mg/w of EQ to be my sweet spot cause anything over that and my BP gets just rediculous.

Ok so lets say since my goal is not trying to get all “huuuuge man” If I did something say along the lines of the anabolic diet while running a 12 or 8 week cycle would probably gain me 30ish pounds in most of my lifts?
Maybe gain about 10-15 lbs lose about 5 aft PCT. Am I close on this?

Or for what im looking for would test be not quite the right fit? Has anybody ever read http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/the_finasol_experience

Would something like this be more appropriate? Thanks again guys

In reply to ‘Yesterday, 04:42 PM’ You wont be able to get most of the products needed for that anymore.

OP - you get what you train for generally… however the cycle i’d choose would be masteron and deca.

This would cause quality weight gain, minimal to no water, good strength, minimal sides (look for aggression, hair loss, acne on this cycle specifically), a good 10-15lbs after all is said and done with a mere 8-10 weeks [frontloaded of course!]

Like this possibly:

Wk1-10 Mast 315mg/wk (45mg ED)
Wk1-6 Deca 200mg/wk (100mg 2x/wk [350mg FL])
Wk11-15 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 PCT

I would not be concerned with adverse effects from the dose of deca used and for the length of time… deca can be used in shorter cycle contrary to popular belief.

There should be no need for any estrogen control during this cycle… but you dont know how you’ll react to AAS so…

It would be a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to do the following, and if it is your first cycle one would be more sensible to use the one drug to assess tolerance to estrogen and DHT increases:

Wk1-6/8 420mg Test propionate (60mgED)
(FL: 175mg,80mg,60mg ED thereafter)
Wk1-6/8 Adex from 0.25mg EOD

5 days after the last inject SERM PCT.

Upto you. If it were me, i’d do the top cycle (in a higher dose), for you the second should introduce you to the world of PED’s with less cost, more ease and safety.