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Tell Me About Your Band Pull Aparts

How much resistance are y’all using? How many reps? Do they help rear delts grow or is it used more for shoulder health? I’ve been using them to warm the shoulders up.

I am a big believer in band pull aparts, but I’ll be the first to say they aren’t the most exciting thing to tell people about.

But since you asked, I do the following:

  1. Grab a band
  2. Pull it part
  3. repeat ~25 times.
  4. rest. Then do that again for a total of 4 rounds.

Sometimes, if I’m feeling spicy, I’ll even do it between working sets of my lifts.


Thanks for the reply! Do you know the weight/resistance of your band?

shoulder health

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I change elevation between about 45 deg. above my head, nipple height (straight out), and low which is about midway between hip and nip.

On all of them I put emphasis on external rotation of the humerus cause it just feels great.

I do them all kinds of ways. Even behind the back lol. Like I said though, I’ve just been using them as a warm up before every workout.

I’m personally finding face-pulls to be better simply because I can bring the resistance down to 0 and just let the extremely under-used muscles get some use.

I’ve previously done hundreds of pull aparts a day with some resistance bands that I got from a local sporting store. but it never amounted to much. I now believe that the bands had too much resistance and so I couldn’t target the proper areas correctly.

I’m not sure. I have some bands that I can probably max out at about 50-60 reps with a lot of burn. I think it’s better to have lighter resistance and get in lots of clean reps rather than trying something heavier and doing lower reps/poorer range of motion. This is definitely a “get the reps in” exercise than worrying about the load, IMO.

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Can get some like this from ebay for very little cash, gives plenty of resistance options. Plus a door ancor that you can use to create a great face pull setup.

I have a reasonably fucked shoulder from several dislocations and dozens of subluxations. I do 200 pullaparts and 100 dislocatey-spinny-thingies every time I’m training and have no problems with the shoulder these days.

Not sure how much of that is having just built some deltoid musculature (not a lot of it, but some) and how much is the dedicated work, but likely a combination of both.

I think @T3hPwnisher is in a similar boat to myself, shoulder-health wise, and does a lot of pullaparts between pressing sets, too.

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I have never worried about tension weight for pull aparts. Just do them. I’ve done anywhere from 100-1000 a day. Do them from all angles, in front, 45 degrees, overhead, under the chest, behind the neck, etc.

I use the 2 lightest bands in the set I have and aim for 100 total reps and I do them as a finisher.

My right shoulder was so bad last year that I had a hard time even sleeping through the night without the pain waking me up. After doing these, facepulls, and dead hangs 5-6 times a week my shoulder is pain free.

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