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Tell Me About Warmups


Since I began working out, I've read thousands of articles about nutrition, workout and other things. But I still think that I don't know shit :slightly_smiling: (although I know much more about training than all my friends and the guys at my school)

But now I'm going to read all I can about warmup because I've noticed that it's neccesary to warm up right. I've always been carefull about warming up so I won't tear something or getting injured. But I'm also afraid about warming up too much.

So, how should I warm up if I'm benchpressing 100 kg? (220 lbs)


The best way to warm-up for lifting is to lift lighter weights for a couple of reps. I.e. for your case, do 4-5 pushups, rest, bench 50 Kg, then bench 75 Kg, then go for your 'working' set.

You don't really need to do cardio work or stretching to 'warm-up'. If you're cold, yes, do some jogging or jumping-jacks or whatever to actually raise your bodies core-temperature. If you're pecs are really tight, you should probably stretch them, but it doesn't need to be pre-workout. Post-workout or whenever is generally better.

Check out the "Magnificent Mobility" DVD on this site if you want a really good way to stay flexible.