Tell Me about Turinabol

Tell me about turinabol. How should it be taken? What to expect as far as gains and side effects? Thanks.

Is your google broken?

Want real world experience but I do know how to use google, thanks.

Jon Jones, is that you? LOL

All joking aside, T-Bol was my first cycle (oral only), 6 weeks at (I think) 50mg every day. Diet was on point, if I recall correctly I gained 10 lbs, kept 3/4 of it. Lean gains, no sides of any kind.

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Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is a c17AA derivitave of testosterone, structurally it’s a cross between clostebol (chlorotestosterone), and Dianabol (dehydromethyltestosterone). The 4-chloro alteration (as with clostebol) makes the compound non aromatising and have zero affinity for 5AR thus no dihydro metabolites exist for tbol (dbols 5ar metabolite is methyldihydroboldenone) otherwise known as M1T.

The anabolic/androgenic ratio of T-bol is unknown, however it appears to be a relatively strong anabolic. The people who were in control of the east German doping scandal used tbol frequently as a tool to increase athletic performance.

Gains? Should be lean and dry without water retention. Should be pretty harsh on the lipids given its non aromatising, C17AA and people tend to dose it too high. Blood pressure may become an issue, other than that androgenic side effects (though possible) are less likely than from an equivalent dose of Dbol or test.

Keep an eye on BP, lipids, diet, liver function (use support supps) if you’re going to use tbol

I’ve seen it referred to as “a dry dbol” and that seems like a decent enough place to start.

Turinabol is one of my mainstays. It has a very unique place in the AAS world. It was what the east german Olympic team used for decades and got away with it. On paper its rating 100 anabolic and 0 Androgenic which I find very odd. Those east german women definitely suffered virilization while on tbol.

It is the only AAS that has this mountain of scientific data in regards to performance enhancement. There is actual proof that AAS (at least turinabol) do in fact have a lasting strength enhancement benefit even years after cessation. In all of the data gathered by the east Germans there was on study or experiment or just data crunching that showed there were lasting strength enhancement benefits. They were looking at shot putter’s. Since they were Olympic hopefuls we can assume they were at or very close to genetic potential when the Olympic team started their turinabol use. Obviously the distances they threw the shot went up when on turinabol. Year later after they were no longer taking the turinabol and had not used it for years they took the group and had them throw the shots again. Their distances were obviously not as far as when they were on the turinabol but they were definitely farther than the distances they threw before they started using the turinabol.
That story has always stuck with me through the years.

Like iron said people call it dry dbol. It’s a fairly accurate description. The different websites tend to say dbol will get you more gains but those gains are water. As far a keepable quality gains I would say turinabol is better.

I typically dose around 20-30mg a day the first week then move up by 10mgs per day each week. I have gone over 50 mgs a day but I didn’t feel that it was worth repeating that dosage level the next time I cycled it. Usually I use it for 4-6 weeks at the beginning or end of a cycle.

I personally feel like my acne breakouts lessen when I have the turinabol in the mix except when I use it with tren, they get way worse when those two mix in my body. No idea why.