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Tell Me About EQ

Waste of time or run it?

It would depend on what your goals are. Your giving no info to go off here. How many cycles have you done?

have you run it? how many times? what doses? what did it do for you? will you run it again?

What are you looking to accomplish with it?

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strength, stamina, recovery, nutrient partitioning, vascularity, dry skin

So you don’t wanna talk about why you wanna use it?

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those were the reasons

how many iu’s of hgh were you taking? was it pharma? was it worth it? how long did you take the hgh? thank s for answering my questions.

I’ve been taking at least 2iu per day since January. During this cycle I was taking 2.5iu in the morning and 2.5iu after training. It was pharma from january thru april but switched to UGL and haven’t noticed a difference. I think it’s worth it for recovery and a little fat loss. Have been taking since january and have no plans to stop currently. Will continue the 2iu daily and once my next cycle(bulk) begins in august I will be doing 6iu after training.

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EQ is the poor mans primo.
I see it as a shittier version of test for people who cant handle more test. I cant handle test but i am a believer that test is best and whats better than test is more test. My e2 skyrockets on lots of test so i have to eat like 1 whole anastrozole every day to keep that in SOMEWHAT of a check(like 2-3 times over the normal).
I started EQ high, as it is a common practice to take it in high doses. It does not aromatize, and it does not have many side effects. Yes, RBC gets higher but… people take 500mg of test and 700mg of EQ and they say RBC went to shit, but… what would happen if those 700mg of EQ were just extra test? Yes - same thing. Didnt get no anxiety, nor extra appetite. Its not supposed to be something you feel kicking like tren or anadrol. Its like primo - its there but you will never know.
Sadly, it turns out it kills my skyhigh e2 to the ground on super low dosages, so for now i quit it.
I find that on 400mg of test i could take around 100mg of EQ to keep my e2 in normal range, but i kinda like it a bit higher(i get better pumps when my e2 is higher than normal).

As soon as i slowly quit all the stuff i was taking and clear my system on somewhat of a test cruise, i probably would do 2-3 long blasts during next years on very high test and EQ that is ok for my e2.
Since on 400mg of test i cant take any EQ i would probably be trying to blast like 750mg of test and like 250 eq and see where my e2 is at…

Anyways, there is nothing special about the EQ. I see it as something that goes well with test so you dont need any AI and its supposed to give you slow quality gains like primo, but is much cheaper.

edit - there are some drugs that i see kind of like multivitamin… some say they work, some say they dont, but i take my vitamins, minerals, liver and kidney protection, extra vitamin C and D3, K2 etc and i just HOPE that will pay off…
EQ, Primo and HGH is kind of something like that… i also take 2iu of GH for anti aging purposes HOPING it would be worth it down the road - but there is nothing to FEEL when on in…

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I’ve taken Equipoise a few different cycles. I was never much impressed, but you must consider I was taking it with 200mg of test C and 20mg of various different orals (not counting Anadrol which is 50mg per tablet). I don’t know what the concentration the Equipoise was, but I took 1ml per week. Many times I was also taking 200mg of Deca per week. (I know my doses seem very low by today’s standards)

I preferred Winstrol V to Equipoise if it was available.

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Winstrol is on my off-the-table list. I’m 48, don’t want dry joints.

at that time, probably 100mg/ml…

maybe, maybe not… stuff was much better back then, most of it was pharma grade or at least high quality imo…
nowdays there are 1000 ugls who do whatever they want… your 200mg of deca could easily have been 600mg deca nowdays - we will never know, but that is what i believe in when people say that in the “old times people took 30mg of dbol and won Mr.Olympia”… its not that nowdays we take MORE… its just that nowdays its shit…

We knew nothing about that side effect. It seemed to be a little better for fuller muscle look.

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most my joints have been broken and hurt all the time… when i started winstrol i was afraid i will break my legs or arms… nope… nothing hurt more than usual, so its not a GIVEN…


This. There are better compounds out there with Primo being one. I tried EQ once and felt better on moderate test only. I was not impressed.

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what changed in how you feel on test+eq vs test only?

and what would be the differences you feel about eq vs primo?

(i am very interested in primo for my future, thats why i am always on your ass about it)

any truth to Primo often being faked? or internet myth.

The people who get scammed with fake primo are the ones who don’t bother to do any research, don’t take the time to sort through sources and their reviews, and they tend to be victims repeatedly. If you Google ‘buy illegal sterons’ and pick the first source you find then yes, fake primo is a possible outcome. But to this day I have never seen a reputable source sell anything other than properly dosed primo at reasonable prices.


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