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Tell Me About Atlanta & Suburbs


Grew up in NY, lived in Burlington, Vermont for the past six years. I was an art student and a communications student back in my college days...i work in the Human Services field and try to moonlight w/ a writer/painter type endeavors. my partner got an offer she cannot refuse physician/scientist track, research lab, faculty position at the medical college + pulmonary fellowship. we are largely debt free because she did her md/phd on a full ride. i might even go back to school for FREE or close to it!!!!

i think we will initially rent outside of Atlanta, i've heard you can rent a full house + garage for some crazy amount 800-1200per month...about what we pay for our 2 bedroom here in VT!!!!

i've heard land is available, e.g. friend got a nice home on 30acres for 145K!!!!

i've heard taxes are low, cost of living is low, southern hospitality is a REAL thing, racism is very noted though, it's jesus and republican land, so i'll try to steer clear on drinking the kool-aid. i'm hoping a metropolitan area as large as Atlanta affords us an anchor to avoid the good ol' boy bullshit.

i drive a big F-150, tatts and big ol' beard so i might blend in.

heard the heat is silly, and the roads close if it snows an inch.

THOUGHTS, COOL PLACES, ANY INSIGHT WOULD BE GREAT!!! OVERALL I"M PRETTY STOKED TO BE MOVING SOUTH, not a fan of brown recluse spiders though..like my flesh as is.

hey isn't Robin from Georgia???????


Sweet Tea, Learn to Love It.


Well, the Great State of Georgia maybe southern, but Atlanta might as well have "Welcome to Yankville" signs on the inroads, so no worry about the good ol' boy shit.


The cost of living is low but that's due to Georgia being 10 years behind in development compared to other states. I used to rent a studio apartment for less than $300 and it wasn't crappy.

There are a lot of black people in Georgia (especially in ATL, it isn't called chocolate city for nothing) so you might experience a small case of culture shock. You're going to see a lot interracial couples and for the most people it isn't a big deal. Good ol boys are alive and well but you'll have to go looking for them around ATL.

Southern hospitality is real, get used to people saying hello and giving you a legit smile. On the other hand ATL is the NYC of the south so it might be slightly muted there.

Churches are a dime a dozen and there are some cult like ones but you'll be able to spot them easily.

The beard will get you weird looks but you're good other wise.

For some reason Georgia is starting to harder and longer winters, ATL just got hit by a snow storm that shut the city down. You're going to melt in the summer and gnats are going to eat you alive.

ATL has team for all of the popular pro sports so you'll have someone to root for. Check out five points for some night life. City-data is a great place to get info about where to live and where to stay clear of.


Hope that helps.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQTuYo6HmiQ you might ride the MARTA bus <3 this.