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Tell Ian King What To Do!

Ian King has written dozens of articles for T-mag. Now’s your chance to tell him what to write about next.

Reply to this post with an article or article series idea for Ian. If the editors of T-mag choose your idea and Ian writes the article, you’ll win a bottle of RED-KAT and a Testosterone T-shirt.

Let’s hear it, T-Nation!

I’d like to see an article on sprinting, that is if he hasn’t covered this topic already in one of his columns.

OK, I’d be interested to read a program that Ian would put together to build the ultimate T-man. That is to say, someone who embraces the T-man image: large, powerful, and fast - kind of a new millennium gladiator of sorts. I’m curious to see what Ian thinks the training regimen of such a specimen would consist of. The goal shouldn’t be just hypertrophy, or just strength, or just speed, but a combination (in his opinion) of those factors in order to produce a warrior (for lack of a better word).
The caveats:

  • this person has to work and therefore may only get 7-8 hours of sleep
  • this person is at least an intermediate exerciser (at least 2 years of intense training)
  • supplements can be used
  • no other pre existing health conditions

That is what I would like to see?

What about an article on Grip/Forearm training? Maybe a stand-alone workout to throw in during a training week, or one to add in with an already established training split. Still searching to see if this has already been written…

12 weeks to athletic preperation for the upcoming season. Or 12 weeks to becoming superman - i.e. body transformation. Similar to CT’s beast evolves article. It could cover diet, weights & cardio etc.

I would like to know what Ian King’s thoughts are on balance training and what would be the best way to train an extreme athlete. We already know that Coach Davies thoughts on how to train extreme athletes. Lets here what Ian King has to say about that topic.

Lats and Shoulders…Lats and Shoulders. He has already written about wheels, abs, biceps back and chest…in detailed programs. Lets see the Lat and Shoulders program that he supposedly gives out to special customers.

12 Weeks to Upper Back appropriateword

Preparation training for Snowboarding season.

“How to prep your body for maximum slope time and injury reduction.”

Or something as it pertains to the needs of an occupation. I know articles have been done on this type of thing before but perhaps something specific for the Firemen, Policemen, Ambulance workers, Construction guys, guys that travel a lot, or the guys who sit on their tail a lot…

Good thread…


I would like to see an article on how Ian would prepare someone 12 weeks out from their first Strongman competition.

martial arts training

The Complete Guide to Correcting Strength/Muscle Imbalances

Ian has covered several of these concepts in previous articles, but it would be great to see a complete summary on the process.

Tips to correct structural issues (rounded shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt, etc.)

Setting a few strength ratios or at least a general guideline.

Structuring workouts correct these issues including guidelines based on the degree is dysfunction.

With an olympic year coming up how about a 12 week program called “Citius, Altius, Fortius” A program designed to make you faster, jump higher and be stronger, something that encompasses the olympic motto and turns you into the ideal of an olympian.

Bulletproof Abs – Not rock hard abs, but a stomach that would withstand a heavy blow without phasing :slight_smile:

How to analyze your own weaknesses.

Been a lot of talk about overtraining, and how to detect it early. Maybe something about that?


A series on what to do outside of the gym to maximize to muscle growth: supplementation, diet, recovery techniques, etc.

Landon–His Awesome Abs routine can get the results you want.

A series for routines on the Olympic lifts and other more sport specific lifts would be interesting.

Improving the vertical leap of a wallaby.

I was thinking about this the other day (article ideas)

I would like to see an article set up like a course syllabus you might have had in college.

Basically, 12 weeks to higher education in iron training.

Each week, assigning reading that may fall outside of t-mag, or within it, and ordered/structured in such a way as to build on the previous weeks knowledge.

I haven’t thought this through that much, but it seems that there is SO MUCH info out there, seeing a professional pick out a “course” syllabus would be fun…

I agree with the others who have posted, I would like to see a sort of 12 week training regimen designed to prepare an athelete for their respective season.

Training for Maximal Power Output - Increasing your Rate of Force development.