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Televised Meets


Been doing some thinking lately, what the hell happened to powerlifting on tv? I remember watching reruns of Ed Coan on ESPN classic. Why aren't they televised anymore?



For the general public its not a spectator sport.... I would guess poor ratings.


It's a damn shame. Maybe they'll come back one of these days.



Not televised but a livestream if you need a fix this weekend!



You'll never see powerlifting on a regular basis on tv. Most people find it boring .


If I remember correctly, a lot of the basis for it early on was things like Wide World of Sports. Powerlifting was part of a broader outlook.

I'm not really aware of any primetime shows or major networks that are doing anything like that anymore which is ashame. It seems like it is all so specific anymore.

The problem is the time between attempts and events. You basically need to edit the hell out of it and you need someone who can do commentary in a way that communicates the competitive aspect and the strategy going into attempt selection, the problems with missed lifts, the triumph of achieving a lift, etc.

Let's face it. That is are a select group of guys out there who could do that and I am not aware of them working for an networks.

Hell, last night around 10 I was flipping channels and stumbled across competitive ping pong and believe it or not the announcer made it pretty interesting. The difference with a sport like golf is you have so many people on the course, staggered starts, etc. so you can switch cameras to always provide the watcher with competitive footage whereas it would be very difficult to acheive this live without a multiple platform meet or something like that.


It's boring as shit to watch. Especially if you have no idea just how heavy some of those weights are (which most people don't).


Even better idea... how about a reality TV show called Powerlifters. We could film some of the more well known gyms like West Side, Super Training, Lexen, etc, etc and have everybody talk smack about each other.

It could be like professional wrestling & competitive eating combined. I'd watch it.


I'm totally down! If they do it, I'll get the beer, so who's got the wings and pizza covered?


Mark Bell and his gym Supertraining already have a contract with Warner Brothers (I believe) to make a show. He posts videos of all his training, good stuff.




Recently they have started posting the videos with Marks commentary, you can really learn a lot from it


Raw Unity and Raw 504 are rebroadcast on Fox Sports from time to time. Usually at like 9:30 on Sunday mornings.


They had donnie thompson and smelly commentate over donnie's training leading up to the 1260 squat. Amazing to get into the mind of such an amazing lifter and learn how he trains and what goes through his mind during a lift.




Don't forget the excessive drug use lmao


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