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Teledoc Recommendation That Will Go Over 30 Free T?

Currently a Defy patient. Pretty happy so far. I am currently taking 180mg of TC weekly broken up into EOD injections. T=1350. E2=41. FT=25. Is there a Dr or NP at Defy that is cool with going over a FT of 30? Or do I need to go to a different clinic? I want to see what the higher levels will do. Not taking anything other than the TC. Thanks in advance.

I can put you in touch with a more liberal clinic if that’s what you want. Email in bio

Sweet. Just sent you an email.

I mean my free T was at 39 with saya a few tests ago and he was fine with leaving me as is. Have you worked with him?

I think I worked with Nurse Jill the past 2 consults. I hadn’t really asked at that point. I plan on asking next consult and wanted to upped but I am already at 180mg a week and dont know how high theyll go

Im a newb at TRTing, but how do you raise your Free T? More T?


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The best way to do it is that.