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Teledin's Training Log


ME BENCH + Shoulders, Triceps, Upper Back/Lats

Dropped the floor presses. Benched an easy 4 reps. Could have gone a fifth but I’m having a little trouble on the concentric. The bar tends to tilt horizontally and ending up hitting the pins.

15 min of intervals on the treadmill after the session. Then came home and took the GF for a 45 minute walk down along the beach.

Flat BB Bench Press (7 sets)
286 x 4

Incline DB Bench Press (5 sets)
110 x 6 (Rep PR)

Face Pulls (6 sets)
150 x 6 + 1 partial

Unilateral Overhand Triceps Pushdown (4 sets)
90 x 6

Overhand Lat Pulldowns (4 sets)
210 x 7 + 2 partials

[quote]jwesus wrote:
I’m in the same boat[/quote]
I’ve been moving more and more in the direction of strength over size. Not that I really need anymore size right now anyway. It does have it’s drawbacks particularly in my profession.

I value athleticism a lot too. I really don’t see the point in getting bigger + stronger while lacking an ability to move like an athlete. I love the fact I can out sprint guys half my size, hold my own in HIIT sessions (partly due to the 30 to 60 minute session I used to do), and what not.

Really I am more about balance these days than focusing on an extreme in any single goal. I want to be above average at everything, but I accept it is a long road. So I take it year by year. Last year was mostly about getting my eating habits under control and getting much better body composition.

This year it is more about getting stronger while maintain or adding a little size, getting really fit and staying healthy.


ME SQUATS + Hamstrings, Calves, Abdominals

As stated, done the calf work in place of the lower back work. Typical day, I found the front squats a lot easier especially as I used the oly grip for the 242 set. ATG squats went alright but felt heavier. I was pushing for 4 reps, but stopped at 3. Hack squats were much easier today. Hit those 7 reps like peanut butter and jelly despite having to grind out a nasty slow 7th rep. Was really debating on hitting an 8th, but might just leave that for the next ME squat day.

Knee’s were feeling a little shot still from my circuit cardio workout on Friday. 20 min of HIIT, felt like vomiting for 15 of those minutes. Well worth it though!

Front Squat (8 sets)
242 x 3 (Weight PR)

ATG Squat (6 sets)
309 x 3

Nautilus Hack Squat (5 sets)
264 x 7

Seated Calf Raises (Cluster Reps)
110 x 68

Decline Crunches (5 sets)
BW x 8, +22 x 8 x 2, +33 x 8 x 2


DE Bench + Shoulders, Triceps, Upper Back / Lats

Took more time between exercises. Just chatting with people and what not so the session went for about 90 minutes. COMPLETELY beasted on the seated rows.

DE Flat BB Bench
88 x 5, 132 x 3 x 2, 176 x 3 x 5

Military Press
88 x 8, 110 x 8, 132 x 5, 154 x 5

BW x 12, x 8 x 3, x 6 + 1 partial

BW x 8, +22 x 8, +44 x 8, +44 x 10

V-Grip Seated Row (4 sets)
210 x 11 + 1 partial



Was meaning to go for another circuit cardio session but after today’s shopping I have $8 in my bank account LOL.

Starting my new job tomorrow, should be awesome. Now to earn some REAL coin and put my degree to good use. ANYWAY … rather than be a lazy prick I decided to do a little cardio at home.

Shootin’ Hoops
30 minutes, moderate intensity. Broke a sweat, but really wasn’t difficult to get through. Just mainly worked on my 3pt shooting as well as my mid-air shooting which I was getting in on the missed 3’s.

Hard Bag + Unilateral Clean & Press
15 minutes. One minute hitting the hard bag, about a minute of one arm clean and presses using a 55lb dumbbell, followed by 60 seconds rest. I got through 5 rotations.


DE Squats + Hamstrings, Biceps, Abs, Calves

Started the new job so I trained at night. Decent session, went quick. Over and done in 45 minutes.

Pause Back Squats (7 sets)
220 x 5 x 2

Glute-Ham Raises (3 sets)
BW x 5, BW x 3, BW x 3 + 3 assisted

Alternating DB Curls (5 sets)
55 x 5

Dip Position Hanging Leg Raise (3 sets)
BW x 10, +11 x 8, +22 x 10

Standing Calf Raises
125 x 40 (Cluster Reps)


ME BENCH + Shoulders, Triceps, Upper Back/Lats

Strained my pec tendon on the 297 set on bench. Dropped out the incline pressing.

Flat BB Bench Press (8 sets)
297 x 3, 297 x 4

Face Pulls (6 sets)
170 x 6 (Was leaning a little though!)

Unilateral Overhand Triceps Pushdown (5 sets)
100 x 6

Overhand V-Grip Lat Pulldowns (4 sets)
220 x 11 + 1 partial (Rep PR)

Re: The strained pec tendon

I’m taking off the pressing for a while. It got me pretty paranoid. Basically what happened was I got a spot. Hit 3 reps easy with the 297 lbs and the fourth was a major grind. The grip was wider than I am accustomed to, and it all fell into place for a minor strain.



Felt strong today but by the time I hit that last squat set I was shot. Pec is still irritating me a bit. Can’t complain, hit some new PRs and got a nice quad pump going on. Lower back was feeling a little strange on the crunches so I dropped the weight and just went with body weight on it and on the hypers.

Front Squat (7 sets)
242 x 4 (Rep PR)

Nautilus Hack Squat (6 sets)
286 x 6 (Weight PR)

ATG Squats (5 sets)
286 x 3 <30s> 220 x 6

Decline Crunches (4 sets)

Hyper Extensions (3 sets)



Circuit cardio with the PT at his warehouse again. Came in very dehydrated from a number of days lacking water intake. I was fatiguing quickly, but still pushed it to the limits. I wanted to quit but reminded myself of Dave Tate’s article this morning … don’t be a fucking pussy! Pushed through the 5 rotations with ratchet legs from yesterday’s ME squats. We followed a 20 sec effort, 10 sec rest rotation with a 1 minute break between each of the 5 rotations.

Really need to keep an eye on my fluid intake!

Leaning Supported Squat into Row

Stationary Bike Sprints

Medicine Ball Slams

Rope Waves w/ Step Up


Supported Reverse Lunges



Flat BB Bench
176 x 5 x 5

Standing Military Press
154 x 4

BW x 14, x 8, x 4 + 2

BW + 55 x 10 (Rep PR)

V Grip Seated Row
220 x 9 + 2 (Rep PR)



309 x 3 x 8

Glute-Ham Raises
BW x 4 + 1, BW x 3 + 2, BW x 2 + 3

Alternating Bicep Curls
55 x 6

Dip Position Hanging Leg Raises
BW + 33 x 8

Standng Calf Raises
125 x 70 (Cluster Reps)



Time for a change up. New plan for at least the next month. The incline benching was actually a VERY easy 8. Felt like I had at least another 2 reps in me.

Incline BB Bench
220 x 8 (Rep PR)

CG Decline Bench
286 x 3 (Weight PR)

V-Grip Lat Pulldowns
230 x 8 + 2

Supported Incline Reverse Flyes
28 x 8 + 2



Front Squat
246 x 3 (Weight PR)

418 x 3

Decline Crunches
BW x 12, 8, 8, 8

Alternating Hammer Curls
66 x 5 > 33 x 6



Flat BB Bench
198 x 3 x 5

Military Press
165 x 4

BW + 66 x 10 + 1 partial (Rep PR)

BB Rows
242 x 5

Overhand Pull-Ups
BW x 8, 5, 5, 5 + 2 partials


First bad session in a long while. Had no motivation this morning after a full-on 60 hour work week. Can’t wait to make up for it tomorrow night with some ME benching. With the GHR’s, I focused a lot more on the negative portion until I couldn’t resist anymore.


Pause ATG Squats
220 x 3 x 4

4 unassisted + 3 assisted, 3U + 3A, 2U + 4A

Hanging Leg Raises (Dip Position)
BW + 44 x 5

Standing Calf Raises
200 x 6

Alternating Bicep Curls
55 x 6


ME Bench

Incline BB Bench
220 x 9 (Rep PR)

CG Decline Bench
286 x 3

Smith Rows

V-Grip Lat Pulldown
200 x 6


309 x 3 x 5 (Speed)

Front Squat

Hack Squat

Glute-Ham Raises

Hanging Leg Raises


Flat BB Bench
301 x 3

BB Rows
220 x 8 + 1 partial

Seated Side Laterals
44 x 6

Bw x 8 x 2, BW x 6 + 2 partials

Bicep/Tricep pump exercises using cables.

As you can tell, I’m getting a little lazy posting numbers. I think it is time to invest in a little black book of training details so I remember all this shit.