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Teh Creatinezzz!

So much lulz!

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This is why I hate everyone.

That is one ignorant person. Pure ignorant. Not only about the creatine(one of most studied supplements) but exercising. Deathlift?..Actually, a deathlift would be one badass lift.

and why were you on oprah message boards?

I just got asked why I was laughing so hard; while that lady is massively mis-informed at least she is seeking advice. Too bad that advice is on the wrong question.

That entire forum is a goldmine.


Nobody noticed how “Tina’s” screen name is zyzz? Either you guys aren’t very observant or you just like to get riled up for the hell of it.

Background info:

ZYZZ is an Australian model and besides TinyTrip and Jason Pegg one of the most influential trolls or posters on /fit/.

It’s trolling. Zyzz is the name of a prominent poster on a certain prominent rival forum (I spent a couple months there when I first found lifting forums).

Ok, which one of you mutherfuckers is Dr. Trolololal?

LOL, the DEATHlift

ok who didn’t laugh at this

Cah…mon…this is so obviously a rip off our quilting high jack, a rather funny one.

[quote]meat1wad wrote:
and why were you on oprah message boards?[/quote]

a friend showed this to me and I thought it was hilarious

[quote]on edge wrote:
Ok, which one of you mutherfuckers is Dr. Trolololal?[/quote]

Lol…that was my favourite!

"Greetings Tina,

I think you have done the right thing. As Dr. Throwl pointed out, creatine is a dangerous steroid which mimics the natural estrogen sources in the body. This causes vast fluctuations in the osmolarity of the body’s cells and may damage them or lead your son to a life of addiction.

Many weight-lifters have chose to use this drug because (as we all know) estrogen allows the body to push out that ONE extra rep of exercise which is crucial to muscle building and weight gain.
The problem is that people are unaware of how to cycle common steroids such as this. (safe use and cycling of creatine provides low risk of damage or addiction). This common for of addiction is actually called “The Dark-Side” as it allows you to gain massive amounts of weight (legally) and your skin becomes darker.

He should probably stay away from it altogether, but if he is going to use it, make him use 0.025g pre-work-out and then drink 4+ grams of protein powder after for maximum muscle gain.

Yours in friendship,
Trolololal1234, Co-Leader of PuffedMuscleCentre"


fucking gold ^^

Bitch is probably a vegetarian as well

[quote]Dre the Hatchet wrote:
ZYZZ is an Australian model[/quote]
You mirin?



[quote]Wambat wrote:

[quote]Dre the Hatchet wrote:
ZYZZ is an Australian model[/quote]
You mirin?

I jelly