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Teeth Whitening?

I’m looking for the best teeth whitening product/system I can get for a reasonable price.

My orthodontist sells a custom made mold of your teeth with some kind of gel you put in it for $250, but I wanted to see what else was out there. I know of the crest white strips but I wonder its one of those things were you get what you pay for?

Custom molded vs bought in the grocery store…any thoughts/experiences?

I’ve used the Crest White Strips (the “Premium” and “Premium Plus” ones work better than the original) as well as Rembrandt/Oral-B whitening strips, etc.

They all actually work pretty darn well. They won’t get your teeth AS white as the professional stuff will, though, because the pro stuff has a higher concentration of the bleaching ingredient. The over-the-counter products also don’t last very long, especially if you drink coffee or soda regularly, so that’s a drawback.

But for a quick, noticeable lightening in the space of a week or so, say if you have some event you’re going to or are having pictures taken and want to look your best, they’re pretty useful.

gosmile is probably the best you can get over the counter. http://www.gosmiledirect.com/

I’ve used the Crest whitening strips and they work great. I also only used them at night for the prescribed thirty minutes (you’re supposed to use them twice a day).

A pack is good for a two week treatment so I just took four weeks to finish the pack. My teeth were significantly whiter when I finished. I did that about two years ago and I’ve been meaning to go through the process again. For the money you can’t beat the OTC products and you get a decent result.

Use Plus White gel. You get it from Wal Mart and it is $5. Put it on with a q-tip and wait for about a half hour. Do that for 5 days and your whites will be much whiter.

Ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross whitens his teeth? It’s hilarious.

Has anyone here had laser whitening done? I’m curious how long-lasting it is. It’s not cheap, but if it lasts a few years it sounds like it would be a great thing.

Crest Whitening Rinse. I use it everyday. Works great. I’ve also used Crest strips, Rembrandt, etc. They all work but leave a gooey mess in your mouth until you brush it off.

[quote]Muscular Genius wrote:
…leave a gooey mess in your mouth until you brush it off.[/quote]

My wife is always bitching about this…

[quote]Bauer97 wrote:
Muscular Genius wrote:
They all work but leave a gooey mess in your mouth until you brush it off.

My wife is always bitching about this…[/quote]

You left out the most important part. Key word being “They.”

This is the specific product my orthodontist offers. They make a custom molded tray of your teeth and use this whitening system: http://www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/OC/Products/Whitening/ColgateVisibleWhite.cvsp

Anyone have experience with this? Worth the $250 price tag?

[quote]Lapo wrote:
Ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross whitens his teeth? It’s hilarious.[/quote]

As much as I don’t want to respond to a friends reference…(still beats sounding like a toothpaste advert) Yes. He went to a woman’s place if I recall that had a black light …lol They were freakishly beaming.

Who even still uses a black light!

umm…well they make my awesome colour in velvet posters look wicked man…so get out of my apartment Ross you neurotic toothy son of a bitch.

That’s what I’d have said in the script.

“I was gonna get my teeth whitened, but then I said ‘Fuck that, I’ll just get a tan instead.’” - Mitch Hedburg

I got the tan part, now I’m goin for those extra pearly whites :slight_smile:

I randomely saw a flyer for a dentist offering teeth whitening for $200 (NiteWhite system) locally. All proceeds go to charity. So I guess now I have two options:

-Colgate Visible White

Anyone happen to know which is better?