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Teeth Whitening

Does anyone know of some effective products for teeth whitening?

I brush with whitening toothpaste 2-3x daily and my teeth still are yellow.

What has worked for you? Strips? Gums?

A great smile goes hand in hand with a great body…

fedorov91, ask – er, search, and you shall receive.

Just type in teeth whitening into the search engine, searching the forum posts.

I find that the nailpolish stuff you put on once or twice a day for a week (or is it 2?) works rather well. It’s not gonna turn 'em porcelain white, but it does improve them a bit.

If you’re willing to spend the money, dentists can do a damn fine job for a few hundred bucks.

I used the Crest Advanced Whitestrips and found them to be effective. They cost about $30 and take a week. The only drawback is they made my teeth hurt, but they worked. If you want to be movie star white, you should have never taken that first drag when you were 14. Or go to your dentist for the heavy duty stuff.