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Teeth whitening

Building on the “Expert dental opinion needed” thread over the weekend, I decided to follow SmileCreator’s advice and picked up some Crest Whitening strips.

I also did a search online, and there’s a lab that mkaes the same custom trays and sells the same extra-strength whitening gel
so you can do it at home.

You can save 3, 4, 500 by doing it yourself. Not bad huh?

(I have no commerical interest in this site, I just found it by googling “teeth bleaching”)
Here’s the link http://www.prowhiteteeth.com/instructions.html

go visit your dentist. its cheaper than you think.

plus, they will custom make a tray just for you, which will give you better results.


Go to the website and read, apparently dentists send these trays to THEM and they make it, then ship i tback. And there’s nothing special about it, usually the dental assistant will set it for you and that’s it- the dentis isn’t carving a piece of art, its just a tray you bite into.

Check it out

go to YOUR dentist!

the dentist will take a impression of your teeth, and have a tray made of silicon out of the impression.


I think jaystyles is missing the point. It is the same damn thing only cheaper! Cutting out the middle man who happens to be a dentist who feels he can quadruple charge you because he (or she) went to like 7 years of college or something.

P.S. I hate dentists!

“I hate dentists!”

But SmileCreator is wicked cool

BTW, thanks Sonny. I think I might try this MUCH cheaper alternative than going to my damn dentist for this.