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I was wondering if I would experience any gains with Methoxy-7 Anabolic Flavone Formula even though I am only 16. Can anyone help me out here?


Personally I quite liked Methoxy7 but didn’t really begin to notice too much until I started with 2 TABLESPOONS twice per day. For me it seemed a bit too expensive.
I remember having seen somewhere in the previous issues that someone mentioned that more experienced lifters seem to notice the most benefit. Personally I think you would do quite well with Ribose-C and Grow!. Try those two out and of course get your diet and training down and you should really do quite well!

Just get some generic creatine and some protein powder. Eat lots of food too.

I agree with both responses. Creatine should be your first supplement along with lot’s of protein (real food + MRP’s) and if you’re trying to gain weight and you have a high metabolism then - lot’s of carbs too. Methoxy7 seems very appealing but it is also VERY expensive. At a does of 3 tablespoons per day you go through 1 bottle every 5 days. Even with buy 2 get one free it’s still damn expensive.