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Teens and Exercises

Hey, would you recomend a teen to do MAJOR exercises only such as deadlifts, squats, benchpress, mility press, dips (add more if i Forgot some out)… or would it be more effective to go all out and fallow IAN kings and others awesome programs?

Ian has written that the more training experience you have, the more variety you need. A teen or beginner should stick to basics most of the time. And add barbell rows and chin-up variations to your list.

My recommendations if the individual teen has no postural deviations and is capable of such lifts is to start with uni-lateral movements. This way a strength imbalance could be spotted and corrected before engaging in bi-lateral movements which would lead to a potential injury. Uni-lateral movements would depend on what this person has access to but here are a some: Single-arm/leg: bench presses, rows, pulldowns, shoudler presses, pressdowns, curls, squats, curls, extenstions, leg presses. If more help is needed just ask.

chances are for sports, don’t do a bunch of unilateral movements.

dman, who said anything about sports? Do you mean that unilateral movements are effective for sports? Please explain.

i was just putting in advice. A lot of highschool sports involve bilaterall movements, and the sum of force of two unilateral exertions is greater than when done together (bilateral deficit). when you do bilateral excercises, you can decrease this. I mentioned sports, as a lot of teens are introduced to lifting due to sporting reasons.

Scott and damn and paul thanks for your responces… but I’m kinda confused about this talk on Uni-Lateral, and Bi-lateral stuff… So far, I started working out on IAN kings “GET BACK IN SHAPE” 6 month program… It worked awesome for me, and now I just start the 2nd month of his “Super Strenth” article… However after this Should I go to, major lifts, bi later, uni lateral…, I am wondering, what should I do… I’m 18 By the way, just turned 18…

Just some extra info for you guys given me advice, i REALLY appreciate it…

i’m 6’2 and 185 pounds, I have 14 3/4 inch arms, and I have HUGE legs (which is weird)… I am pretty much happy with everything, but my chest, I want a really nice chest, bigger (Thats why I started the Super Strength)…

split your body in half, chest,delts,tris and legs,back,bis workout every other day and rotate workouts. stick with exercises like deads (you MUST do deads) squats, rows or chins, db or bb curls and dips or benches, military presses, overhead or lying extentions use wt. you can get atleast 6 reps but no more than 12 (squats you can go to 20 reps if you can stand it) do 2-4 sets of each ex. after warm up. thats it! it IS easy. and eat alot. peace

I passed by this thread a couple of times without posting but I have a thought and hope this one’s not dead.

Some of Ian King’s iniatial work involving unilateral, balance type drills when beginning one of his programs are exercises that would be so entirely beneficial to the average high school athlete that I don’t think they should be overlooked.

Studies have shown it’s easier for a person to learn a given skill at a younger age. The mind is more impressionable and progress is somehow faster.

If you were to teach the average high school athlete the functional balance and co-ordination that comes with bulgarian squats and one legged squats and deadlifts, etc, the performance enhancement and general transfer over to sport would be emense.

I strongly believe in unilateral movements over bilateral unless the sport involves absolute strength instead of strength balance. Still, a pre-existing contra lateral imbalance may be worsened by employing bilateral training.

Simple deads, squats, etc will also have transfer to sport, but fuctional balance and strength is often overlooked. Look at all the success Coach Davies’ trainees are having.

Amen whoever the last poster was I can’t remember. But I ran into this kid I graduated w/ and he’s playing football for some college. I asked him how much he could deadlift, and he didn’t even know what the fuck that was!

ya know I love ya man but what success are you talking about?

if it is infact easier to learn a skill teach them to snatch. nuff said