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Teenagers: Weights & BBing Myths


So I was watching TV and there was this top doctor who studies the body, growth, bones etc. He was saying that heavy weights fuck up teenager's bones and that they will feel it later. What do you guys know about that. There is evidence that it doesn't stunt growth, but what about that.

My second point is why do people say that steroids don't build muscle (people say that it inflates your muscles, pretty stupid) and why do they say bodybuilders have small dicks, can't fight and are impotent.


what are you talking about? thats all true.


lolz. I've grown the most (height wize) when I started lifting like 8 inches. I guess anything that brings down bodybuilding should just be put on the TV, but who cares, less competition for me at the Olympia in the coming years. Haha.


i heard if you get f'd in the ass too much, the sphincter muscles will not work right and you'll shit yourself. a lot.


...also, when you fart, it will sound like wind over the mouth of an empty Coke bottle.


The problem is when those who have not finished grow try to lift more than their body is capable of, and this could cause problems with the growth plates.

Can young people lift their max and be fine? Sure, I wouldn't advise it though, especially for a novice lifter. I would rather focus on technique at a young age and slightly higher reps.


If you have a 300lb bench and do 500 crunches daily you will be sexay....


Shit is this not normal?

I was wondering why my asshole was raw on Sunday morning.


No way. None of those guys in boy bands that high school girls scream at can bench 300. Maybe 150...

500 crunches sounds about right though.






i benched 300 yesterday 7 times right after i got my cast off my arm.


Cast? From when your bicep was disgusting all over?


My favorite is bbers compensating for a small dick by getting their muscles bigger. I've decided next time someone mentions that to me, I'll reply with "Well I'm trying to make my muscles bigger so I'll be proportionate". 10 bucks says they won't even get it.


Well, I curled 300 yesterday 7 times. Powabuilda has got nothing on me.


Yeah, but you aren't in a boy band. That's the diff' son.


Dude, I just looked at your profile and your Quads look like they have basketballs jammed in there.


i had sex 3 times yesterday, watched football, and ate some gyros. beat that


I read that, looked at your avatar, and cracked a slight smile.



yeah, it was on my bicep...and my ENTIRE BODY. dude i was overhead pressing 500lbs on a warmup when i tripped over some fat bodybuilder.