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Teenagers & Testosterone Supps


Hey guys.
I was wondering if anyone could point out the sceientific factors against a teenager using Testosterone Supplements and perhaps even PM me the sites you have found these on as resources.
Ive had a hard time actually finding the evidence against it although the majority of you vets are mostly well against it.

Ive searched the forums and google and found nothing!
Any help is appreciated.


Teenagers don't need them, taking testosterone analogues (maybe more than supps) can cause bone growth probs and all sorts of negative feedback loops, ya da da.


As if there isn't enough testosterone floating through their system as it is.


Thanks for the replies guys but I am looking for the evidence really, cause Ive heard alot of people say those sorts of things. Im just interested how and why this all happens, along with the proof.


Dude, this is definately a loaded question. Strength training elicits increases in resting serum testosterone and induces an acute elevation in the level of circulating testosterone (NATURALLY). As a teenager supplementing with exogenous forms will only decrease your natural production. Long term effect of this are brutal! Short term gains...are just that. You cant expect to juice for life. When you do decide to cycle off, ur screwed (muscle loss, depression, decreased labido, possible bitch tits, etc). Also, your ligaments and tendons dont grow and recup as quickly as your muscles causing bicep tears, torn ACL's, etc. Its not worth it! TRUST ME! A good bathroom read to help get u started is "Science and Practice of Strength Training" by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky. From the words of my friends at animal pack...CAN U HANDLE IT?


What he said.

I'd add that after only one year of training you are not going to get as much benefit from such supps as you would after more time under the iron.


at 5'7" 155lbs, it sounds like you are just looking for a magic potion to make yourself bigger. put in the effort, and you will get bigger. take a magic potion and you will get bigger, and then a little bit later youll get smaller, but youll have some new fat stores along with that and end up looking worse. you decide. if youre looking for someone to point you in the right direction i would say its south, way south, like to mexico. go there and buy your roids, and then post in the steroids forum instead of wasting our precious space in the supp and nutrition forum.


By test supplements do you mean actual drugs or are you referring to test boosting agents like RED KAT?


Are you talking about steriods or test supplements like Alpha Male?

i dont see the harm in you taking Alpha Male as a teen , but i dont think itd do much good


nothing to do with me, actually.

but yeah guys im talking about boosters not steroids. more specifically boosters with estrogen blockers and the such. how bad are those for teenagers???


I'm hardly a scientist and I'm in fact a teenager but I see absolutely no benefit in fiddling with the endocrine system of a teenager as it's screwed up enough as it is


Exactly, and when ever you mess with one part another part is effected.

Until nutrition, hydration, and sleep are well taken care off, and believe me this will keep most teens quite busy then I wouldn't worry about any supplement for that matter.


To answer your original question, I really doubt that you'll find any studies either for or against teenage use of these supps, and I really wouldn't know where to begin searching either. I don't agree with asking why such supps are bad for teens, any estrogen-clearing and/or antagonizing supplement is a good idea IMO, especially in today's environment where xeno- and pytoestrogens are virtually everywhere.


You naturally need a bit of estrogen to the best of my knowledge...wholesale blocking anything like that just isn't constructive. Besides, most 14-18 year olds are swimming in insane amounts of test, what's a little estrogen going to do? Besides, sometimes you get so much test it turns into estrogen...


Hmm, testing testosterone boosters on teens. Yeah, I am sure someone will be approved to do that study.

The test boosters actually are only supposed to take you to high normal. I don't think it can take you beyond that.

Teenagers are naturally high in testosterone so there is noting to boost it to. Kind of like pressing harder on a gas pedal that is already pushed to the floor. Won't do shit.

What teenage boys are already experiencing is the equivalent of a mild steroid cycle all the time for years. If that is not enough, it only means you are lazy, and if anything works, it becomes a crutch keeping you from actually achieving your true potential.


PORN-the only test booster a teen needs


I think whether or not a supp becomes a crutch is up to the individual. Some people are going to work harder with them and some won't. I don't think its lazy to try to maximize your efforts in the gym, you'd do it in any other walk in life, why limit yourself in this particular avenue?


We've been over this, like a thousand times.


Of course you need a little E, but any OTC anti-estrogen supp like M, for example, is never going to get a person down to zero like femara can. I wish it was that strong...


I remember seeing some studies that link the stopping of growth wih the big spike of T that comes in early adulthood. Something about androgen receptors on the growth plate at the end of the wrist, and when T and GH levels reach a certain point, the signal to stop growing is relayed.

I think that this is how the link to elevated t and stunting of growth was developed.
I don't know if any studies were carried out to prove this, as that would present some ethical obsticals.

You could start reading up on the endocrine system and it's function as it pertains to growth, but you will probably have to draw your own conclusion.

For what its worth- I've observed some prety stubby adolescent roid heads. Some of the guys I grew up with. Like the opposite of acromegaly.