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Teenager's First Steroid Attempt


i'm 18 years old training for 4+years just finished my first steroid cycle (have been researching for 8 months ) i know everyone will say its wrong and things like that but i like to try by my self and please i don't want to see people saying that my training and nutrition isn't in check because they are solid .
i just added winstrol only in the last four weeks in my cut (i was cutting for 10 weeks ) and the results was so good . and here is my cycle

week 1 : 20mg winstrol / 210 mg milk thistle
week 2 : 30mg winstrol / 210 mg milk thistle
week 3 : 40mg winstrol / 210 mg milk thistle
week 4 : 50mg winstrol / 210 mg milk thistle
and for pct 20mg nolva for 15 days

and results : 3 lbs of lean muscle and lost 7 lbs (from 12.5% to 8% bf) of fat and got taller 0.78 inches and strength increased dramatically i added 45 lb in my bench press and in every single workout i did . and my diet was solid . i was carb cycling in my last four weeks .

i know people will say that winstrol only cycle is not good the cycle should cotain a base of test but i just wanted to try by my self and i know one cycle wont kill me . i just wanted to know your opinions should i complete and do a bulking cycle or should i wait few years ??


What the fuck?


Lol winny makes you taller? hahaha id say the fact that your a teenager and still growing made you taller dipship


if you added 45lbs per chest workout. what did you start out benching?


Kid, you should wait until your body (that includes your endocrine system) is fully mature.

Also, in the event that things fuck up, are you financially able to seek treatment on your own?


I meant that it didnt stunt my growth


I started with 209 lb


This is hilarious


aw man if I got another .78 inches that'd take me just over 6ft! No more 5'11" for me.

That'd be glorious. I'm gonna get me some winny


so that means you're benching just under 400lbs now? videos please, i need to see this amazing progress in action


i think it's interesting that you mentioned growing during your cycle. this flat out shows one thing: YOU ARE NOT DONE GROWING!!

any cycles you run right now might have a lasting effect on your stature....

i highly suggest you keeping lifting, eating clean and enjoy being a young man. wait until you stop growing before you even think about another cycle...


If you want people to try to take you seriously you're going to have to post stats and pics man. I'm not against the use of AAS in teens, I'm against its use in those unknowledgeable and by the looks of your post you may seem to fall in that category. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.



I'm 169 lb . I started cutting 190


Dude. You have two options:

Delete your account and go learn some more about training, diet and natural potential. Then when you've mastered that look into AAS and beginner stickies. Then come here and propose your next cycle before going through it. After approval and adjustments go ahead and run it and post amazing results.


Prepare for the biggest flame this thread has even seen lol.

**Just trying to help man honestly. Good luck.



I have been training for 4 years but i trained right with good diet for 2 years and i'm no gaining too much naturally and i do know about the right training and nutrition


That bro is swole


Kid, you are not fully physically mature yet. Unless you intend to make money out of bodybuilding, it is not worth the risk.

Medical science does not have much research on stupid kids that fucked themselves up because of steroids yet, so treatment may be long and hard (but not your dick) if something fucks up.



Are you fucking kiding me? You weigh 165 pounds and are running fucking gear at what age? Are you fucking serious? Please take down your piss poor photo as well I dont know if that shit was supposed to impress any one or help your case but all it did was embarress you. Your fucking skinny and you need to eat. You are not gaining because you are a idiot and dont eat. DO NOT FUCKING TELL ME YOU DO BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU ARE LYING.

You cant grow because you dont eat enough and im sure your training consists of Bench and Curls 6 days a week. Your in the most anabolic state your body will ever be in naturally and you cant grow. It has nothing to do with the fact you cant grow it has everything to do with the fact you WONT PUT IN THE EFFORT TO GROW. That is effort in the kitchen, effort in the gym, and effort recoverying. Eat alot of food, train hard, and sleep even harder. You will grow and like a weed. This is the nicest I and most are going to be. Either figure it out or just be flamed until no one is willing to help you.


Thank you for the tough advice but my nutrition isnt that bad i eat 500kcal over maintenance 200p400c60f and if eat more than that i get crazy fat and dont train only chest and bicep as you say and here is my split and training routine

Day1 : chest ( 4x incline dumbell press - 3x flat dumbell press - 4x incline barbell press - 4x incline fly - 3x flat bench press - 4x pec deck - 4x cable crossover with drop sets )

Day 2 : back+rear delts (4x deadlift - 4x wide lat pull down - 4x one arm dumbell rowing superset with reverse fly - 4x seated rowing superset with reverse peck deck - 4x bent over rowing - 3x reverse lat pull down - 3x straight arm pull down )

Day 3 : shoulder ( 3x dumbell press - 3x overhead press - 6x lateral raises - 4x front raises - 5x shrugs )

Day 4 : arm day ( 3x ez bar curls - 3x hummer culs - 3x dumbell curls - 3x concentration curls - 3x skull crusher - 3x rope pull down - 3x dumbell tricep extension - 3x dips - 3x dumbell kicks back )

Day 5 : leg day ( 4x squat - 4x leg press - 4x quads extension - 4x stiffed leg deadlift - 4x leg curls - 4x lunges 6x calves raises )

And i train abs twice a week in circuit ( rope crunches + hanging leg raises + any obliques workout )

Is that so bad . I want just to show you i'm not that ignorant you think i'm not that lazy bitch teenager who just lifted for few months and want to go on juice because he didnt look like arnold yet !!


I do know that prohormones are more harmfull and i'll never think about it just because roids are selled on the counter in my country