teenagers diet

Im only 15 and was wondering if any of these diets on tmag would be ok for me to use. If anyone could give me a couple tips it would be greatly appreciated. Im currently around 137 at 5’ 8"

As a teenager, I wouldn’t get too strict on your diet since you are still growing, and your body will need as much nutrition as possible. But I would recommend eating healthy. Plenty of lean meats, eggs, raw nuts, fish, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, natural peanut butter, all the vegetables you can handle, fruit, some pasta, whole-wheat bread every now and then and brown rice. At your age, you can afford to eat crap food more often than some of us, but if you are trying to get bigger, stronger or more athletic, you’ll want to eat clean as often as possible. Many of the diet plans on T-mag are okay for anyone of any age, but I’d stay away from any drastic plans like the T-dawg diet, Fat Fast or anything that limits what you can eat to canned fish, supplements and protein powders. You need plenty of whole foods in your diet. Also, you should start eating more to gain weight. You may think you’re eating enough, but 137 at 5’8" means you’re a bit on the small side. So be sure to eat 4-8 evenly spaced meals throughout the day.

Massive Eating would probably be the best, but you have to learn alot about food first to do it (what carb are, where they are, etc.). Maybe the Pound a Week diet would be simplest.

Read thru the Massive Eating series and pretty much all the articles by Berardi and Lonnie Lowery. Also, take a look at the Foods that Make You Look Good Nekid article in issue 172 (or thereabouts).

The key right now is to learn what to each, what constitues a good food selection and a basic idea of how much to eat.

ive been reading through the magazine for the last few months and have learned alot about nutrition and foods and just was seeing if there was any things extra to consider cuz im younger, thank you

Hey theo.
I am 16 now, been using t-mag since 13. All the advice thus far has been great. EAT EAT EAT YOU SKINNY BASTARD. From my experience, i have tried just about every diet, its all well and safe. Keep in mind this word, VARIETY.

you shouldnt mess with testosterone atleast, heard about puberty that it stops when ur testosterone level reach a certain point so you stop growing naturally. only heard this once though so not sure.