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Teenagers Certified on Captains of Crush #3 In Australia?


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of any teens in Australia that have been certified. I haven’t been able to find any. I’m wanting to eventually get certified when (IF) I reach the no.3 so it would be cool if I was the first aussie teen.

Also, this 15 year old just got certified. Crazy!


WHEN, not IF!

Visualization… picture yourself closing that sumbich evevry single day. Then do the work to get there.


Randall Strossen is the head dude at Ironmind. You could probably email the company, or him directly to talk about what’s up with teenage grippers. In the past he was pretty excited to talk to anybody who was hype about gripping.

Vince Basile is an old school guy who runs Vince & Roz Gym, somewhere in Australia. He’s kind of cantankerous, but he knows a lot about grip gossip too.

I don’t have contact info for these guys, but you’re a resourceful young man.


I don’t really know much about CoC grippers, but I would imagine that’s a hell of a task considering Kirill Sarychev found certification to be worth his time/effort just 2 years ago. And like less than 20 people are getting it every year.

So basically, I’m saying that if you ever accomplish this in your lifetime, let alone as a teen, it would be a hell of a thing. Hope you get there!


thanks bg!

@FlatsFarmer thanks i’l try emailing those guys!

never know until i try! thankyou flip.


Just posted it in my log but their’s been no teenagers from australia certified on the no.3. I’m going to change that.