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Teenager Tryin to Gain Mass

now that i have ruled out the possibility of using steroids (thanks to some people on T-Nation)...im still trying to gain a shitload of mass...i know i need to up the protein levels alot (currently 160-200grams a day)...but what foods have the highest concentration of protein..i drink alot of milk (half gallon a day?) and have 4 scoops of Pro-Lab N-Large2 every day and at least 4 eggs per day...and obviously chicken and steak and all that..but i need more protein that wont fill me up so i can still have room for all other necessary nutrients..

i am also taking NO-Xplode, now the thing with this product is, people tell me that these ARGININE products that are supposed to increase nitric oxide, DONT WORK, and can actually HARM you..is that TRUE?. BUT, no-xplode is essentially creatine with only a little arginine to fuel you thru your workouts..so should i continue using it? or ditch it??


I guess to answer your question, chicken would have pretty high concentration of protein while being low in fat and carbs. Your numbers dont add up right though, if you drink a half gallon of milk a day along with(I just used one serving) of your weight gainer, with 4 eggs and one steak, and one piece of chicken, you are looking at close to 300 grams of protein. I assumed a 12 oz steak and 8 oz of chicken as being an average portion size for someone trying to get big, if thats too much then you need to re evaluate how to eat. I think you are worrying too much about protein and not about total calories, just eat more.


I've gained 80lbs since high school. Increasing protein grams did nothing. Eat more calories. Eat 3000 every day, if you don't gain weight then eat 3500, if you don't gain weight eat 4000, then 4500,5000,5500, etc.

Eat 5 meals a day with 30-50 grams of protein per meal and the rest of the calories from traditional bodybuilding food to minimize fat gain. I've eaten 4500 calories a day of clean food, so no bs about how it's impossible.

If you think you need more than 50grams of protein per meal, add it, but remember that the calories is the most important.


I agree with this. I think many of these guys' focus is in the wrong places. I've gained about 120lbs since High School and the first few years where I gained the most size and strength, it was done with no protein supplements. The primary focus should be on calories. Only worry about protein after you learn that it takes more food to gain.


I'd ditch any and all supplements(with the possible exception of a decent protein supplement) untill you learn how to eat properly. Gaining muscle is more than just getting enough protein. When bulking I may get 300g a day but almost all of it is from whole food with the exception of right before bed.


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