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Teenager Stack?


Hey guys, I've been training on and off for around two years, and seriously about three months ago. Right now I weigh around 167 pounds (bulking up to around 180 or so) at 5'9'.

Here are my stats:

Squat 200pounds 4months ago
Deadlift 250pounds 3 months ago
Incline bench press 70pounds for 3 sometime ago

And my stack consists of

CoQ10, it makes me feel more energetic instead of the normal burned out feeling
Just order L-leucine and Superfood
Fish oil
Grass fed beef, not exactly a supplement, but I had to throw it in there. Those rib eye steaks are amazing.

Anything missing? Or things I should get for this rippotoe 5x5 phase?


Looks good, but as a teenager all I use is Grow! Whey, fish oil, and Biotest Creatine. If you feel burned out, just try some caffeine prior to lifting.

Not that the rest will hurt you, I just don't have that kind of money :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun with Rippetoe's, you should see some solid gains.


I am quite lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


The fish-oil, Superfood, and whey are wonderful things to get plenty of when growing.

Making sure your diet is on-point is also recommended, and that you're regularly making and measuring your progress.

And that's pretty much it.


I'm wondering why you're feeling burned out? That's not "normal". What's you're weekly training schedule like? Are you getting run ragged (mentally or physically) with school, sports, work, and/or lifting?

I'd rather see some Surge instead of creatine. Aside from that, you're good to go. Although, you've given us the laundry list of supps, but... what exactly have you eaten today?

Um... gallon o' milk?!? And you meant 3x5, right?


I know what you mean. I am a teenager, and I constantly feel run down. When I go to the gym, even after a long break, I am tired. I also find it difficult to get pumped up for basketball games.

I don't know about the OP, but school is starting to kick up a notch for me at least. But even in the summer I was still feeling tired.


Haha shit, I take 1/4 of that shit, am still a teenager and am 3 times stronger than you.

All jokes aside, all you need is consitancy, time, and effort and you will meet your goals. All the supplements are extras and a simple whey protain and creatine supplement is all you need. Daily vits and fish oil are good too. Right now I just take whey, and a multi vitamin.


If you constantly feel run down while in high school, wait till you get to university. Or worse yet, wait till you get a full time job, family, house and all that shit and then still try to find time to train.



you need to start lifting some fucking weight.


If you're really burned out, you should avoid caffeine for a while.



The OP is spending too much time worrying about his supplements when he should be focused on lifting bigger weights.


yes i think me and zep take none and are 16, 17 right? and both of use have seen super gains i beleive (right zep) just form lifting heavy, eating and sleeping. I know i used to feel burnt out but a goods night rest does it for me 10+ hours does wonders


I'm 17 and I saw great gains off Rippetoe's using Whey and fish oil.

A clean diet works wonders.

I wish I could manage 10+ hours of sleep... my body disagrees with anything more than eight, nine if I'm lucky.


I drink protein shakes and I played with creatine and beta alanine. But I used them only during soem intense trainign cycles because I wanted to experiment. The last few months as far as supps go nothing but protein.


Yea, I started a log a few weeks ago so I can measure my process. As for my diet, I eat as clean of possible with veggies, fish, chicken, beef and whatnot.


For the last month or two I have been having trouble falling asleep, I think I messed up my "internal clock," most days I'm lucky to get 6 hours of sleep on weekdays.

As for diet I try to keep it consistent, here's a typical day for me:

Whey protein shake with fruits and a dash of cinnamon

Nuts as snack during class

Lean beef with some veggies during lunch

A post workout protein shake with some fruits and creatine

Chicken/beef/ or fish with broccoli/spinach or other veggies along with a bowl of rice

Protein shake and ZMA before bed.


Yea, that's my primary goal for now. Trying to hit 170/210/280 in December. I still have a long way to go haha


And you think you can grow from 167lb. to 180 lb. on this diet????? Forget the supplements for now. Eat more food.



Whole milk and Squats.


Whole squats AND whole milk.