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Teenager Nutrition

my friend is a 16 year old and asking me that does he need to track macro’s or just eat like a truck cause he has a fast metabolism and high testosterone count in his age? and just basically eat the good foods than the bad foods and avoid sugary and fatty foods?

Depends a little on his height, weight, bodyfat, activity (in the gym and outside of it), and his goal, but generally, no, a 16-year old kids don’t “need to” track macros specifically. Eating smart every day and training hard a few days a week will go a long way.

I suggest the basic guidelines I laid out in the whole last section of this article. Not avoiding animal protein, good carbs, or healthy fats; 3 or 4 meals every day; learn to cook the basics.

A little junk food is definitely no big deal once in a while. It could easily be argued that trying to have him eat only clean foods can be a bigger issue than the occasional pepperoni pizza.

i see he trains 3-6 days a week he is listening to his body and eating like a truck he eats smart he don’t track macros… he is a 5’9 77kg male… do you think its good whats he is doing?

I have no idea what he’s doing because there are no details.

Training “3-6 days a week” is so vague it’s actually useless information. “Listening to his body” … about what? About training? His body doesn’t know anything about training, so he needs structure to eventually learn how he responds to training.

“Eating like a truck” means nothing because, again, it’s ridiculously vague. He should be eating 3 meals every single day. Most kids don’t do that, so if he does, that’s a good start.

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