Teenage Training Advice

Hi Paul is my boy is 15 years old and is interested in the gym to build him self up for
Rugby League. He’s actually quite broad and lean which is a great start.
I’m worried he’s to young. I’ve suggested he do movements through space ie
push ups, chair dips etc. My question is am I on the right path or can he hit gym a couple times a week. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.

Dude at 15, yeah he’s fine to go get in the gym and start building that base. 100%

Thanks mate.

My son (14) started lifting this summer with me in my garage gym. He’s completely addicted to it now. He has a lifting class at his school now and is the highlight of his day. It’s also amazing watching them progress so quickly. Kid went from benching 75x5 to 110x5 in just a few weeks. Box squatting 135x12 and deadlifting 225.

I have him do sled sprints hill sprints as well.

I have some machines as well like hack squat, chest pressing etc and he loves those as well. Good luck with your son man. It’s solid bonding time as well.