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Teenage T-Men


I'm making a thread for all teenage T-Men. I'm currently 15, 5'9, and 160 lbs, although I may go to 154 for wrestling soon. I don't lift as much now as I do in the off-season, but in the off-season I intend to use a Westside template. Here are my current stats (my other numbers are unknown):

Dead: 305 w/ a 2 inch bar (few months ago, dont deadlift during the season)

Bent-Row: 150 x 3

HSPU: 8 (head to floor)



Heh... I don't know if I'd consider myself a t-man if I'm still a teenager. If it didn;t sound so damn corny, I'd rather be called a t-teen. Anyway, here are some of the numbers I'm lifting; I'm halfway through week three of SFM, although I realized last week that the weights I'm using are too light; I've yet to come anywhere close to failure on a lowerbody exercise, and I've only hit failure on military presses because I accidentally put 10 more pounds on it by accident.

wide-grip pullup: 3x5 15 lbs
good mornings: 3x5 165 lbs (way too light though)
dips: 3x5 15 lbs
front squat: 3x5 175 lbs
military presses: 3x8 85 lbs (I know that's weak)
box squat (parallel): 3x8 240 lbs
rack lockouts: 3x3 170 lbs

Some maxes:
bent over row: 135 lbs for 6-7 reps
deadlift: 235 for 10x3 easily
bench press: around 170

I'm on a month-long break from soccer, so I'm using the time to really focus on my legs, in addition to incorporating gymnastics exercises (mostly from beastskills.com) and parrallete training. I hope to really get the power clean down and learn the overhead squat/drop snatch before tennis season starts, as I'm severly lacking in generating maximum power and my vertical leap (for serving and shot-stopping in soccer, as I'm goalie).


I just turned 15 2 weeks ago. And about 5'7 175-180 pounds. Im currlently folowing the nitro squat program. I play football and want to compete in powerlifting this spring

(all in pounds)
Bench: 235
Squat: 315
Front squat: 250
Dead lift: 355
Clean and jerk: 185
Snatch: 145

i managed to do the 355 deadlift with 3 broken fingers as well


Turned 17 little over a week ago, weigh in at 157, and for being a year away from actually being considered a real T-man adult don't feel I fit it the best. Right now all I am training for is strength.

Deadlift 320lbs 5 reps
I love this lift just learned not long ago and about the same time I started reading T-Nation
Bench 175 5 reps
Front Squat 205 3 reps
Back Squat? Technique focus, long legs
Dip 50 5 reps
Pullup 35 5 reps


17 years old here at 178-181 lbs. most of the time. Currently preparing for rugby which starts Jan. 8th.

My lifts are nothing spectacular but are below:

Deadlift: 350

Squat: 300

Front Squat: 175

Power Clean: 175

Bench: 205 (225 as a sophmore, now a senior)

My bench dropped due to not training it because of shoulder problems. I had weak lats and tris and I found myself grinding out benches pressing over my face and other methods. It came to the point where I had to stop benching, but I am finally able to again.



i'm 15
play rugby, weigh 93kg

Squat 145kg
Bench 115kg
Deadlift 175kg
Powerclean 100kg


Ok, i'm 18, so I think I'm still a teen:)

My stats:
187cm, 90kg (6'3, 200lbs)
~C&J 115kg
~snatch 90kg
~clean 120kg
~back squat 160kg
~bench press 100kg x 2
~push press 80kg x 5
~front squat 135kg x 3
~DL 180kg

Been training for about a year now, 9 months of oly lifting.


16 years old, 17 in march, 9-10 months of serious powerlifting, ~4 months work with OL.
5'9-10"(176cm), 180 lbs.

Bench Press: 255 X 3 raw
Squat(pause @ ||): 405 X 3
Deadlift(belted): 435
Power Clean: 215
Snatch: 155
C@J: ? maybe 185
Strict Press: 165
Front Squat; 285 X 2
Rows: ? 4X6 work sets @ 130 seated rows
Chinups(wide): 16-18 reps BW

I've really improved alot since joining T-Nation.
I hope to cut down on badyfat this comming year and work on improving my running speed and agility.

Happy New Year everyone.


My brother's stats are:

age: 18
ht: 5'7"
wt: 190
C&J 364
Snatch: 297
Front Sqt: 440
Back Sqt: 507
Power Clean & Push Press: 308x2
Power snatch: 253
Military press: 242

Maybe I'll be able to talk him into starting up an account here and post.


hmmmm its seems that either the younger generations are getting stronger and stronger at lighter bodyweight or egos are getting bigger and bigger cant seem to tell which but if some of those numbers are true than congrats


I guess I'll be the first one to post some shitty stats.

6-0, 158 lbs as of last monday

155 Bench
250x1 Parallel Box Squat (recently replaced my "parallel" free squats with full squats, so I don't have much of an idea on a max without the box. I'd guess it's only around 185 right now.)

235x3 Trap Bar Deadlift (Not enough room in my school's weight room for regular deadlifts when there's other people walking around, but I think these are sufficient)
120x1 Power Clean

Needless to say, my goal is to add tons and tons of size and strength between now and my senior year of football season. I'm naturally quick (all-conference 110 hurdler as a soph) but the coaches persist on making me a tight end, where I'll need to be at least 175 with...well, more than a 155 pound bench.

I'm pretty much guarenteed a starting spot because of my speed and hands as a receiver, but the thought of a 225 lb defensive end scares the shit out of me. Let the eating begin, huh?


I was thinking the same thing. I'm 17 and my numbers are close to SOME of these but DAMN.


Age 15 turn 16 in february

I Play Football Basketball and Run Track so i have to lift through all these season which can be tough but anyway heres my stats

Weight: 155
Bench 250 lbs
Squat:340 lbs
Deadlift: 375 lbs

not great numbers but i hope to improve alot especially on my suat.



Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
D.Lift: 250 lbs for 2 (working on technique)
Squat: 295 lbs for 3 (I know weak)
Bench: 170 lbs for 2 (I know weak also)


I would have to agree with the above posters. I didn't know anybody at the age of 15-18 that could clean some of those weights.


guys im really not trying to bash any of you by pointing out that i find some numbers hard to believe my intention is not to belittle anyone but i find the weight/strength/age comparison very very hard to believe especially this post im quoting a 15yr old bench pressing 95 pounds more than BW now if you can do that DAMN CONGRATS....

no one on this site is going to give you a hard time for posting your true numbers because you are working hard towards your goals we will give you a hard time if you are making things up and by making things up you are only hurting yourself


If any of the skepticism is directed towards my brothers' lifts, go ahead and say so. I understand they are a little hard to believe, but you have to understand this:

  1. I am a damn good coach when it comes to teaching technique and supervising training sessions when it comes to maximizing strength and explosiveness, if I may toot my own horn.

  2. My brother has the benefit of doing a sport correctly right from the start as opposed to me who did it wrong for over nine years.

  3. My bro is a natural athlete who is very efficiently built for the O-lifts.

The importance of having a good coach when doing the O-lifts has been stated here many times, but you also have to open your mind up to the possibility that you, yes YOU, can lift some big weights too if properly trained and have the desire to do so. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.


turned 17 october 2
Weight 208
max bench 305
Max deadlift 405
Max squat 355
Power Clean 245

I play lineback in football, and i also play basketball, i play shooting guard. And I high jump and discus and shot put in track.


I am not pointing out your brother nor am I saying he did not achieve those lifts. It is very possible look at what Kevin Nee was doing at 18 and what the teen from the Diesel Crew is doing. It's possible. I was moving more in the direction of other posters. No one has to prove anything to me because the lifts aren't mine nor am I asking for proof. I was making the statement that some of these younger teens are posting impressing lifts ESPECIALY for their age/weight.

Also for the ones who mention they have only been training for a short period of time. Again the lifts are possible. I remember watching an 18 yr old squat 800 pounds and bench 500 pounds in the Texas High School Powerlifting State Championships about 4 years ago so I know the lifts can be achieved. Anyway I stated my opinion about some posters lifts in a seemingly accusational way, and that's the way I intended it not to say the lifts are true. I did it to put out what I thought.


I'm 6'1, 16 years old and weigh 170-172 pounds

My maxes from last week
Squat: 350 pounds
Deadlift: 220 pounds
Bench: 175 pounds
Pullups w/ 20 pounds strapped on=7 reps

I'm a basketball player (shooting guard) and I will be focusing mostly on building more maximal strength (goal is 2.5 BW for Squat and Deadlift) and doing novice/intermediate level plyometrics as my explosive and reactive strength are by far my biggest weaknesses.