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Teenage Supplements?


One of the new students to the Judo class I teach wants to "get as big as possible, as fast as possible". He wants to play D-line for his football team. He is 15 years old about 5'7" and 165lbs. He is currently taking creatine, NO2, protein, and there was something else he was taking that I can't remember to reduce muscle soreness. His football coach has them lifting 3 days a week doing circuits.

I appreciate his motivation, but I think he could be doing a lot more for himself just by lifting and controling his diet, and probably save his adolescent sized wallet at the same time. I'm looking for thoughts on what is and isn't safe for teenagers to be playing with, esspecially at an age when the body and hormones are going through so many changes naturally.


around our age, i HONESTLY dont think we need to stick to anything besides protein. im currently cycling creatine for about 4 weeks..but thats just a quick cycle.
if they guy eats good enough and has his protein i think hell do just fine. creatine will also help his muscle growth/recovery though...but its not really neccesary at all


I don't really think he needs all that. He could make big gains by just eating more and resting. Have him spend money on more food, rather than the supplements.


Tell him to ditch the NO2, use that money to purchase a variety of quality proteins, thus avoiding the problem some have where the body adapts to one type. So he can "cycle" protein powders.

I did not jump onto the creatine ship until later in life, and I, for one, do not believe it helps one gain any "real" size. But it did help my lifting some.

Tell him to up his eating, perhaps show him some Berardi eating ideas, work on quality foods like chicken and vegetables - avoid the fastfoods and cokes.


What? It can do that?!

All i buy is Grow!, how do you know if your body has "adapted to one type" of protein, and what other (quality) brands of protein powder out there?


I don't buy the adapting to protein powder theory. As long as its a quality product, there's no need to switch.


I've never heard of such a thing. Ever.


I've heard that this is done because people develop allergies to impurities in certain inferior brands of protein powder.


If he wants go get big tell him to get off the circuit training and lift more than 3 times a week.


Yeah, that's the view I took. He's at such a novice level that I think good hard work will do wonders for him. He won't have a foundation of understanding to compare his supplemented results to if he doesn't do it naturally first.
You guys are all sharing good advice. I'm hoping that if my opinion doesn't sway him (I'm just a little guy so my opinion means not on this subject apperently)that maybe the voices of many more accomplished and experienced will be credible to him.
The funny thing is I remeber being the same stupid kid at his age.


my friend also claims that his NO2 explode has gotten him all his gains...

creatine doesnt seem like a good thing unless you just want to spend some money.and protein is fine.I'd like to ask who sold the products to him because wher ei live if you are under 18 you cant get protein, even at GNC


I was simply reciting BERARDI's own thoughts.

If you don't have his dvd, check it out.

I believe that is the first place I heard him reference it, but he has stated it in multiple places.

It does in fact deal with the body developing allergies, primarily causing more gassiness and bloating.

Is it not so improbable that a body would adapt to something?


the hell, where do you live!? CHINA?

im under 18 and i get them no problem.


yeah, I used to work at a GNC, and those greedy bastards would sell cigarettes to an infant with lung cancer if they could make a buck. There is very little regulation on the supplements you find in GNC.