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Teenage Supplementation


Hey guys,

I’m a 17 year old guy, been lifting for about a year and a half. My question is quick. I have never taken any form of supplements, not even protein powder. Do you reccommend Plazma™ and/or Indigo-3G®? After doing a lot of research, I am thinking of starting to take one of them. Does anybody have any suggestions? If it helps, these are my goals, listed from most important to least:

  1. Strength gain
  2. Fat loss
  3. Muscle gain

I want to get as strong as possible with the amount of muscle I have right now, lose the excess fat, then build more muscle, and start over by reaching my max strength potential again.

I’m not an expert, so if you think my goals are unrealistic (I’m not saying I plan on getting sub-5% body fat and gaining 25 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks or anything ridiculous) or you have experience/insight to share with me, I’d appreciate it.

T-Nation guys seem to be the best, so let me know what you can about what supplementation is best and if my goals are stupid.



That goal is not stupid at all.

At 17, the hardest part about building muscle was staying fed. Protein supplements will help that.


Thanks! Appreciate it. But I’m also wondering if anybody has tried those two specific supplements and if they would reccommend them. Obviously the sellers say they’re great but I’m looking for people with real experience. But again, thanks for the input on the goals.


Hey man, im 17 too, just stick to a basic isolate. Isopure is expensive but thats the only protein i use. Im getting ready for my 3rd show now.


Ok thanks. What kind of show? Like bodybuilding? Physique?


Yes they are very good, Plazma def one the best natural supps out there. Really depends on budget. If money no object then knock yourself out


I’ve been taking Plazma before and during workout, Mag-10 after, then a legit post workout meal an hour after that for a few months now and its been phenomenal. I also started 531 around the same time so I can’t say which one or the other has helped more. But proper nutrition around your workout is the most important aspect supplementation-wise. I’ve just recently started Indigo-3G so I can’t say how it’s worked yet as it takes time to show results.

Pretty much every mod in the supplement forums recommends Plazma before any other Biotest supp. Getting in the right nutrients (Plazma) needs to be a bigger priority than trying to get the nutrients going to the right places(indigo). If money isn’t a limiting factor try Plazma and see what it does for you, then try adding in Indigo-3G. But if it’s a one or the other scenario, definitely Plazma.